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Title: Unseen Solitaire
Chapter: 10/??
Author: [ profile] bite_to_all136
Genre: AU, Romance, Fluff, Slice of Life, Comedy, Angst, Drama
Warnings: mxm relationships, inappropriate language, mental instability
Rating: NC-17 (overall)
Pairings/Characters: Reita/Kai, Reita/Ruki, Uruha/OC, hinted Aoi/Hitsugi & Aoi/Ruki
Summary: Reita is an electrician who lives the life of a bachelor; not caring at all to settle down and put himself in a serious relationship. Will the enigmatic Kai be the one to change his bachelor ways?
Notes: A fill for the 'busted heater in the heart of winter ' square on [ profile] krasivayadusha's angst/fluff bingo card. :P

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Chapter 10

He tried his best to shimmy out of the constricting hold Kai had on him with minimal movement, but it seemed the more he moved, the more suffocating Kai’s grip would become. It was almost like trying to tear a teddy bear away from a sleeping child. Somehow, even lost somewhere in the deep abyss that was sleep, a child just knew when their favorite toy was tempting to leave them, so they’d latch on and never let go, keeping the stuffed toy close to them; protecting it. Except, in this case, Reita was the stuffed bear whose face was planted firmly against Kai’s chest, and besides the fact that Kai had forced a cup of tea on him before bed last night, resulting in his bladder now screaming at him to get up and take care of business, it was also starting to alarm him that breathing was becoming more and more difficult with each passing second.

“Kai,” he croaked out, lightly smacking what he intended to be Kai’s hand. However, his sleep hazed state made him miss, and instead he only ended up swatting at air. “Baby, wake up, I need to pee.”

Kai grunted in his sleep and his hold only tightened around Reita as he buried his face into the top of tousled blond hair. Reita sighed and closed his eyes – this whole gently breaking away from Kai thing wasn’t going to work. He was just going to have to abruptly sit up straight in the futon without reserve, which would wake Kai up fully, which meant he was going to have to deal with a very pissy boyfriend first thing in the morning.

Which, admittedly, he was kind of okay with. He loved Kai’s pout, and he also loved when Kai acted mad at him for the tiniest of reasons. Because he knew it was just that – an act. An act that Kai put on for him and him only. An act that was just another one of the millions of quirks that made Kai unique, as well as filled Reita with a warmth that was similar to that of coming home and visiting family after months, or even years, of not seeing them.

Reita started a slow countdown from ten in his head, and as soon as he mumbled a soft ‘one’ to himself he sat upright with force, breaking out of Kai’s hold. He took a deep inhale, enjoying finally getting to breathe properly again and, just for a moment, he figured he made it out safely. Kai was seemingly still fast asleep, having only shifted and grumbled some more under his breath before settling back into the warmth and comfort that was Reita’s pillow.

That feeling of victory only lasted for so long, though. For the moment Reita moved to get out of bed, he ended up gasping and falling straight back on his back, clunking his head together with Kai’s. He received a sudden surge of pain, causing him to groan and grab at his head. He could hear Kai yelp and curse under his breath next to him and, yes, Reita was concerned, but right now he couldn’t really be bothered to ask Kai if he could get him some ice. Because, at the moment, he was trying to understand exactly why he had fallen – a question that was soon answered the moment he pulled back the sheets and found a pair of pink, fuzzy cuffs around his feet.

“Kai! What did I tell you about these damn handcuffs!”

The sudden change from keeping his voice low and soft to downright screaming only made his head pound and the hold on the forming bump on the back of his head tighten, but he couldn’t hold himself back. It was just last night that he and Kai had a near hour long discussion as to why Reita wouldn’t agree to wearing the obnoxiously vibrant handcuffs for his, for lack of better words, kink obsessed boyfriend, and with that discussion underway he thought it was obvious that it had gotten through to Kai that these things were to come nowhere near him.

Apparently he was wrong.

Reita’s initial livid screech had Kai raising from his curled-up ball position of cupping his head and mumbling how much he hated Reita, to sitting beside the blond, his usual round doe eyes now mere angry slants, and screeching right back. “You told me I couldn’t put them on your hands. You said nothing about your feet!”

“I assumed that went without saying!”

“Well that’s what you get for assuming! Ow!”

Their scream fest died down as Kai placed both hands on the right side of his head and pouted. The pout melted away every fiber of anger Reita had felt and, immediately, he was wrapping his arms around Kai’s waist, pulling him close, and kissing his temple.

“I’m sorry about your head, babe.” Another kiss, this one to the matching bump that was forming right near to crown of the young teacher’s head. “But you do realize this was all your fault, yeah? You should’ve kept your damn cuffs to yourself.”

He could feel Kai pout even more against his neck. He could only smile in response.

“I know, I knoooow,” Kai whined, sounding no older than a five-year-old while giving his reason for the sneak attack with the cuffs. “But to be fair, you looked really sexy wearing them, so this little bump was well worth getting to see you all chained up in pink.”

Kai broke into a fit of giggles at the sight of Reita’s exasperated expression; Reita could only sit there and watch as Kai rolled around on the futon, holding his sides in pain from laughing too hard as the giggles continued to erupt from him like a volcanic explosion.

This really was love.

After their eventful morning, the pair headed into the kitchen where Reita, once again, had to practically force a meal that contained actual nutrients and not excess salt or sugar down Kai’s throat. Kai complained and went the immature route, telling Reita he was barbaric for liking such gross things, and Reita countered that these ‘gross things’ were what gave him the physique he had that Kai seemed to worship on a nightly basis.

Kai quickly shut up and finished eating without another complaint.

“Where’re you going?”

Once the dishes from breakfast had been washed, Reita had fallen into his recently developed pattern of snuggling up on the couch with Kai and watching an insane number of hours of television. Kai’s visit to the hospital the weeks prior had put a lot of strain on the young instructor, both physically and mentally, and so Reita and Kai had come to the mutual decision to take leave from work for a good chunk of time so they could relax and take a break from grueling reality for a bit.

And Reita wasn’t going to lie, for the first two weeks he had really enjoyed this leisure down time with Kai. It was nice to get to lay around the house all day with the man he so openly loved and would do anything for. However, not too long after that, Reita began to feel extremely antsy. There was only so much he and Kai could do together within the boundaries of the old home, and after having not left the house for a good 14 days straight, Reita really needed to seek retreat in the form of getting out of the house for a bit and taking in some fresh air.

“Just going to go out on a quick run, babe.” Reita spoke from the genkan as he laced up his sneakers. “I used to go on a long run every morning on my days off from work, that hasn’t been happening lately and, well, I still have a week before I’m set to return, so I figured I’d make the most of it.”

“Run?” Kai questioned, having apparently stopped listening to Reita long before he finished his explanation in full. Reita looked up at the younger over his shoulder and saw him staring, an obvious glaze of confusion in those wide mocha eyes of his as he blinked, his lips taking on that classic ‘o’ shape. “Why do you need to go on a run? It’s not like you’re an Olympic athlete, right?”

Reita chuckled and stood, reaching for one of his jackets that hung on the coat rack near the front door. “No, but I like to get the exercise, it makes me feel good and what not.”

“Don’t you get enough exercise having sex with me?”

“No- yes, I mean…” Reita trailed off, trying to figure out where to go with this exactly. Because he knew Kai’s question was serious, because Kai was always serious about their sex life because, well, he was Kai. So, Reita knew in Kai’s eyes that deciding he wanted to go out on a run instead of staying at home and having sex with him was pretty much the ultimate betrayal. “That’s not the point, Kai. Just- I need to go for a run, okay? I’ve barely left the house the last two weeks and it’s driving me insane. I don’t get how you-”

“You don’t get how I what, Rei-chan?”

Fuck. Reita hadn’t meant to tread on such dangerous territory, he knew mentioning Kai’s condition would only cause a fight or upset Kai to the point that he’d lock him out of the room for a week. It was hard to accept, but that night when he held a distraught, crying Kai in his arms, he had made a promise to both himself and Kai that he wouldn’t mention or pressure Kai into explaining his situation until he was fully comfortable giving all the nitty gritty details himself.

But having a mouth that seemed to have constant verbal diarrhea and never thought before it spoke was making that kind of difficult.

“I-I-” Reita stumbled over his words, and he blamed that intense glare Kai was pinning him with, that could be easily read as Kai telling him to watch his next words, for his sudden lack of vocabulary. “Babe, you know…”

But then he saw it. He saw that glare was merely a mask; a mask hiding the strong hurt Kai felt. Those mocha eyes weren’t ablaze in torrid heat that promised an argument, instead there was a sheen line of tears waiting for Reita to leave so they could properly fall. Most wouldn’t be able to recognize that hurt, puppy dog look Kai was currently trying to hide, but Reita wasn’t just anyone.

He turned to face Kai and brought him into a warm hug, massaging the small of his back and pressing his lips to his ear. “I’m sorry, Kai…” he whispered, continuing with his soothing touches. “You know I didn’t mean anything by that.”

“I know,” Kai spoke softly, hugging Reita back. “Just…Just promise me you’ll be back in time, alright? I…I really need you here for this, Rei.”

And with those few words, Reita escaped the bliss that had been his and Kai’s own personal nirvana for the past two weeks and re-entered reality.

To say he had forgotten about what today was for Kai wasn’t exactly accurate. Because he hadn’t forgotten, he’d merely pushed the thought of what today was far into the back of his mind out of fear of what today could possibly bring. Because, after another one of their long, late night talks, it had been decided that Kai would finally get some help.

He’d agreed to talking to a psychiatrist. On one condition, of course – that the psychiatrist came to see him, not the other way around.

As soon as Kai had agreed, Reita hadn’t wasted a single second researching different therapists within their area before finding one who seemed to specialize in severe cases of agoraphobia. This particular psychiatrist had a plethora of positive reviews on the internet, and only lived a few towns over. The only downside had been his practice didn’t accept Kai’s insurance. However, Reita didn’t care. This was all meant to better Kai and he was going to make sure his boyfriend received the best of the best care, even if that meant spending outrageous amounts of cash out of his own pocket with each session Kai had in the future.

Nervous couldn’t even begin to describe how the blond felt. Today at two o’clock would be Kai’s first session with Doctor Amano, and he hadn’t an idea what it would entail. Would things run smoothly? Would Kai end up having one of his breakdowns that always left Reita feeling just as broken as Kai looked? Would Kai give up after just one session and refuse to ever see the doctor again?

There were so many possibilities, so many different outcomes, and only a few fared well with him.

Reita took a step back from his embrace with Kai and looked him dead in the eye. Cupping his cheek, he leaned in, pressing his lips to Kai’s and engaging him in a languid, passionate kiss. “Kai, you don’t have to worry. I’ll be back before you ever even realize I’m gone...”

A few good weeks had passed since Reita got in a good run, so it came as no surprise to him that his inconsistency, in addition to the cold weather, had him panting and out of breath after the first two miles alone. His lungs were on fire and his breathing was tight, sweat dripped down his forehead and his heart was beating erratically. He knew he looked and smelt like death, but at the moment, he didn’t care. This was the best he’d felt in weeks. Being a bum with Kai at the house had been amazing, but getting outside, breathing in the fresh air, breaking a sweat – it was all something he thrived for, and it was with those thoughts that for the second time today he found himself wondering how Kai had restricted himself of all this all these years.

He understood it wasn’t something the younger willingly did, but still, it was impossible to wrap his mind around being deprived of this natural freedom for so long.

Pulling his headphones out of his ears, he pulled open the door to the very same convenience store that he bought plant feed for Isola-chan at what seemed like an eternity ago now. He knew Kai’s house was only a few blocks away at this point, but he needed something to drink right this instant after such an intense cardio session.

He headed into the back, grabbed a water and a random sports drink, and as he was making his way to the front he passed the hot drinks section of the store. They had seasonal drinks out and the one that stuck out to him the most was a peppermint hot cocoa – it reminded him of Kai.

It reminded him that Kai was going through a huge life change today, and it also reminded him that, even though he refused to show it, Kai was probably under immense stress at the moment.

A special cocoa was the least Reita could get for him.

He picked up the largest cup and filled it to the brim, and after paying for his purchases, he headed back outside and broke into another light jog – there was no way in hell he was getting this to Kai cold.

It was just a few past one by the time Reita walked through the front door. He threw his keys onto the side table and peeled off his jacket before shuffling off his shoes. “Kai? Babe? Where are you?” He downed half of his sports drink as he walked further into the house and used the sleeve of his thermal to wipe some sweat off his forehead. “Babe?”

He paused outside of Kai’s bedroom and, right away, broke into a smile. There Kai was, laying on his futon with his eyes closed, surrounded by his plants, listening to his soothing nature tunes. It was a flashback for Reita, and even though he knew this routine meant that Kai was trying to calm down before his big appointment, meaning the stress really was starting to get to him, the blond couldn’t help but get brought back to white day; the biggest turning point of his and Kai’s relationship – the day they were intimate together for the first time and Kai showed Reita without words that he did trust him, even if it that didn’t always appear to be the case.

The door creaked open as Reita fully stepped into the room, and as he opened his mouth to try and get Kai’s attention again, he watched as Kai abruptly lifted his finger to his mouth in a shushing motion and his face crumbled up in displeasure. “We don’t really have to go through this again, Rei-chan, do we?”

Reita gulped hard and took a step back – Kai’s voice sounded beyond icy, and he’d be lying if he said he didn’t feel a bit intimidated. He was an idiot. Kai had corrected him once before on not interrupting him during his “nature walks”, so why Reita thought a hot cocoa would be a good excuse to disturb Kai in his time of peace now was way beyond him. “N-No, Kai, sorry. I just—sorry. I um…I brought you a cocoa?”

For a moment, Reita thought he’d managed to save himself from the brunt of Kai’s glare with his small offering, but that moment of safety was over almost as soon as it began. For Kai slowly turned his head on his pillow so he was facing Reita, only one of his deep mocha eyes squinted open. He analyzed Reita up and down with a sense of viciousness before he reached out and pressed the space bar on his laptop, pausing his nature sounds.

Reita gulped even harder, feeling his Adams apple bounce up and down, as he watched Kai stand from his futon and walk towards him, his doe eyes fixated on him in such an intense stare that Reita knew any other man graced with such a gaze would begin to fear for their lives at this point.

Kai stopped walking once he and Reita were chest to chest, and he didn’t waste a moment in snagging the cup of cocoa from Reita. “I’ll take the cocoa as an apology for your interruption,” Kai said icily, pausing so he could take a sip of the cocoa, humming contently at the pleasant taste, “but you need to leave the room. You stink and are destroying the peaceful aura and none of us appreciate that.” He finished, motioning his arm in the direction of his shelves of bamboo.

Reita blinked, and then he blinked some more. No matter how long he’d been around Kai, he would never get used to his intense mood swings.

Not. Ever.

“Okay,” Reita offered a smile as boyish as the ones Kai typically were, hoping to gain some brownie points with Kai through mere charm alone. “You just lay back down and relax, bab-” Kai’s eyes shot up from the cocoa and fixated on Reita in a venomous stare once again; Reita quickly stopped and corrected himself. “Kai, I meant Kai.” He chuckled, albeit a bit nervously, before leaning in and kissing Kai’s cheek. “Go on, go relax. I’m going to go shower so I’ll no longer be offensive to you and your children.”

Reita turned and walked out of the room without another word, not even waiting to see if Kai had anything else to add to the conversation. Those few days they were broken up had been the worst days of his life, so he really needed to learn how to watch his words and actions around Kai, especially considering he was on thin ice with the younger as is.

He almost wanted to contemplate supergluing his mouth shut, maybe even sewing it closed, just so he could avoid saying anything that would get under Kai’s skin, but then he thought of how much he loved kissing Kai, of how much he loved making the other feel good with his mouth and tongue alone, and right away he threw that option out the window.

A life without getting to taste Kai’s sweet mouth during their heated moments wasn’t a life worth living at all.

Once in the downstairs bathroom, Reita peeled his sweat soaked clothing off layer by layer before leaning in and adjusting the knobs of the shower. He waited a few for the spray of water to warm, and then he didn’t waste a minute before walking in and sliding the shower curtain closed, groaning in complete ecstasy the moment the skin reddening water hit his back.

“So good,” He grumbled to himself as he reached for his body wash and squirted some onto a loofa, beginning to rub it across his chest and down his torso. “So fucking good…” Because after lazing around for the last two weeks, his muscles protested greatly against even the slightest amount of exercise. He was sore from his toes on up after his mild run this morning, and the hot water felt amazing on his muscles.

Somewhere in the back of his head he knew he was also sore from the tension his body was creating due to not knowing how well everything would go with Doctor Amano today, but he did his best to ignore that doubtful fear and concentrated only on how good everything felt right now.

He shifted his body a bit as he began the rinse the suds off his body, and that shift resulted in the hot water spray hitting the small of his back just right, pulling an even deeper, near feral, groan from the back of his throat. “Fuck. Yeah. F-”

“I thought you only made those kinds of noises for me, Reeei-chan~.”

Reita couldn’t help but allow a cocky smirk to spread across his lips as soon as he heard Kai’s sweet voice, followed by his equally as sweet giggles. Apparently threatening, angry Kai was gone, and in his place now was sweet, horny Kai. Reita much preferred this version of Kai over the former.

“Hmmm,” Reita hummed, peeking his head out of the shower curtain and quirking a brow at Kai. “Who’s to say I wasn’t imagining you doing things to me in here, huh? You should know by now that I have a pretty wild imagination.” He wiggled his brows, attempting to entice Kai, but all Kai gave him in response was a snort.

“You’re confusing yourself with me, right, Rei-chan?” Kai questioned as he walked closer to the shower, doe eyes ignited in what Reita could easily define as a gleam of lust. “I have the wild imagination, you have what they call a vanilla imagination.”

“Vanilla?” Reita countered, fighting down a smile as he watched Kai’s eyes travel his wet body up and down, licking his lips in obvious excitement. “Did you just infer that I’m boring in bed?”

“Yes.” Kai stated bluntly, obviously meaning exactly what he just said. If it had been anyone else in the world, Reita probably would have taken offense to such an accusation. But this was Kai and really, when compared to how adventurous Kai was in between the sheets, Reita really was boring. “But that’s okay, I have enough imagination for the both of us…”

Kai raised his hand, trailing a finger down Reita’s soaked chest, circling both his nipples and rubbing the pad of his thumb over them just lightly enough to send a jolt of warm pleasure all throughout Reita’s body.

And just like that, Reita was lured into Kai’s trap of seduction. He wanted to launch forward, smash their lips together, and have his way with Kai right here, right now. But as much as he wanted Kai, those thoughts he’d shoved into the back of his head earlier on came creeping back to the front, making Reita groan, this time in aggravation, as he reached up and grabbed Kai around his wrist, pulling his hand away.

“Kai, we can’t. Your appointment is in less than an hour. We need to-”

“Shhh,” Kai silenced Reita, pressing a finger to his lips with one hand, while he broke the other free of the blond’s hold so he could use it to push Reita a few steps further into the shower. “Just…shhh…”

Reita didn’t argue. There was no way he could, especially not when he saw the mix of lust, desperation, and worry mixed in those gorgeous pools of mocha. Kai was scared, and this was his way of asking Reita to comfort him. Who was he to deny him that?

He grabbed both of Kai’s hands, interlacing his fingers with the younger’s and squeezing tight before he took a few more steps back, allowing enough space for Kai to step into the shower.

Kai was still fully clothed when he stepped under the warm spray – almost instantly his long, baggy sweater began to cling to his skin, his jet-black hair morphed to the sides of his face and his choppy bangs drooped so low they nearly blinded him. Reita couldn’t stop staring. Because even though he’d never seen Kai look scared and small before this, he had also never seen him shine so bright.

He was gorgeous; he was all his.

All sense of self control Reita had ever had before this moment was lost right then and there. He had to be touching Kai. Touching him, kissing him, really feeling him. Every inch of Kai needed to be worshiped, and he wasn’t about to waste a single second.

He advanced on Kai, his hands wrapping with force around his shoulders, pushing Kai until his back smashed into the shower wall. Kai gasped, Reita knowing it was because he was both shocked at his sudden rash behavior and turned on, and in no time the blond’s naked body was plastered against the younger’s and he was dipping his head, smashing their lips together in a rough, heated kiss.

Reita growled into the kiss as soon as he tasted Kai, already delirious for more. His hands traveled up Kai’s sweater, rubbing on soft skin, lulling whimpers from Kai’s sweet mouth one after the other. Kai’s arms instantly wrapped about Reita’s back, attempting to pull the electrician closer even though it was physically impossible.

Knowing Kai was so desperate to be as close to him as possible only made Reita hotter, and he found himself breaking their kiss so he could rip Kai’s drenched sweater off in one smooth motion, tossing it into the corner of the shower – even it proved to be too much of a barrier between their heated bodies.

“Fuck, I love you, I love you so fucking much…” Reita flipped Kai so his stomach was pressed against wall, and right away began pressing heated, frantic kisses down Kai’s back. Kai was surprisingly quite compared to usual. There was no teasing, no casual dialogue. Aside from a few whimpers and desperate pants, he was too lost in the pleasure to give any sort of response.

“Fuck, Kai…fuck,” Reita’s hands were dancing over Kai’s body with profession, they were gliding across wet skin, reassuring Kai all while offering him complete bliss all at the same time. Reita was feeding off of how Kai felt, his hands shaking as they began working on getting off the younger’s pants, and by the time Kai was completely naked, Reita felt like he was going to explode.

And so he didn’t waste any time. He pulled Kai flush against him, began kissing across his shoulders, up his neck, panting against his ear. He didn’t say anything, just continued breathing heavily, letting Kai know he was there for him, that he’d always be there for him. And it was only when Kai’s head rolled back and rested against his shoulder, glossy doe eyes flickering up and staring at the electrician for a moment before giving a subtle nod, that Reita positioned himself at Kai’s entrance before, ever so slowly, beginning to push in.

Kai gasped and Reita could feel his entire body tense up right away. He knew the lack of preparation may have brought more pain than necessary upon Kai, but he knew based on the look that Kai had graced him with seconds before that this was exactly how he wanted things to be.

Raw, every fiber of his being ignited in suspense, excitement. He needed to feel Reita, become one with him in the most intimate way possible. There was no masking their connection, no barriers. No numbing the sensation of all there was between them.

It was pure ecstasy.

“Rei-chan…” Kai moaned, head lulling side to side on Reita’s shoulder as he continued placing soothing kisses down the backs of Kai’s shoulders, refusing to move things along any further until Kai was more relaxed and would enjoy everything just as much as he would.

“…shhh,” Reita breathed out against the dip in Kai’s upper back, blowing on the younger’s wet skin, feeling Kai shiver in his arms. “Just feel, Kai. Don’t worry about anything else, just…feel…”

His lips continued to trail soft kisses across Kai’s body, occasionally sucking just hard enough to ensure a light bruise would be decorating Kai’s pale skin the next day. His hands danced across wet skin, down Kai’s stomach, caressing his thighs and squeezing tenderly. Kai whimpered at the loving sensations, falling back into Reita further, melting into him like butter. And when Reita was sure Kai was calm enough, he leisurely began moving his hips.

Soft, caring words were whispered directly against Kai’s ear as Reita developed a pace to fit the emotional mood. He felt almost as if he wasn’t moving at all, but instead feeling. Feeling every inch of Kai, becoming entrapped by him.

It was a leisure pace Reita could’ve kept up with forever, and he would’ve, if not for the loud sound of the doorbell echoing throughout the entire house.

Apparently, he and Kai had been in the shower longer than he realized.

“Shit, Kai. I-”

“Don’t you dare,” Kai cut Reita off when he felt the blond start to pull away. He reached back, fastening his hands on Reita’s hips, pulling him close once again. “Finish what you started or I will break up with you again.”

Reita had never heard Kai sound more serious. Gulping, he nodded his head began to thrust faster. He knew right now wasn’t about himself getting off, it was all about Kai. So as soon as he found the younger’s sweet spot, he began ramming into it repeatedly, one hand holding onto Kai’s side as the other reached forward and began to stroke his cock.

He stroked hard and fast, maybe even to the point of being brutal, but he knew Kai wouldn’t mind. And based off the screams Kai wasn’t even attempting to muffle, Reita knew he was right. He wanted to take time to bask in Kai’s reaction, to experience what Kai was experiencing himself, but all Reita could focus on right now was that damn door bell ringing. He needed to answer that door now before Doctor Amano decided to up and leave.

“Reita!” Kai yelled before falling into the wall, breathing heavily and basking in his blissful release.

Reita, still hard, wasted no time in pulling out of Kai, pressing a kiss to the top of his head. “Hurry up and clean up, babe.” And then he bolted out of the shower, not even bothering to dry off before running out of the bathroom, stopping in Kai’s bedroom along the way and sliding into a pair of sweat pants that he didn’t even realize were Kai’s, meaning they were about two sizes too small, before bustling to the front door to answer it.

He was a mess. His blond hair was soaked and strewn everywhere, and he knew his dick was showing through the sweats loud and proud. So, when the door opened, he wasn’t shocked when he received a skeptical look from the tall man before him.

“Doctor Amano?” Reita questioned, sounding a bit out of breath. He knew exactly who the man was before him, but he still felt the need to ask so he could attempt to break the awkwardness surrounding them.

The good doctor didn’t answer at first, instead he looked Reita up and down, completely absorbing his haggard appearance, before looking him in the eye, his brows raised. “Please, just call me Tora.” He smiled a toothy smile before clearing his throat and motioning to Reita’s lower half. “Was I, um…interrupting something? Our appointment was set for two o’clock, yes?”

Reita would be lying if he said this wasn’t the most embarrassing moment of his entire life. His entire body shot a shade of red and he couldn’t even look the man before him in the eye. Instead, he stared down at the floor, rubbing on the back of his neck. “I-I…yes. I mean, no. I mean…” he trailed off, biting his tongue, attempting to get his thoughts aligned. “I mean, no, you weren’t interrupting anything, and yes, our appointment is set for two. I mean, not our appointment, you’re here to see my boyfriend. He’s in the shower right now, but he should be out in just a few.”

Tora held up a hand as to say not a problem, and after a few awkward moments of standing there, the tall man added. “So…are you going to invite me inside or what?”

“Oh, yeah, right! Um, come on in…” Reita opened the door in full, allowing more than enough room for Tora to walk in. He watched the dark-haired man step in and begin taking off his coat and scarf before beginning to unlace his heavy winter boots. “Would you like something to drink? Maybe some tea?”

Once Tora stood up straight from the bent positioned required of him to kick off his shoes, he once again met Reita with one of those toothy smiles. “How about you just give me your name? If you’re going to be here for all of mine and Uke-kun’s sessions, it’s probably best I know your name.”

Reita felt like an idiot. He blamed his time of isolation in Kai’s house, combined with the distraction of his still painfully hard cock between his legs, for his sudden inability to carry on a simple introductory conversation.

“Reita,” he tried to state firmly, holding out his hand for Tora to shake, “my name’s Reita. I’m the one you spoke to on the phone about Kai.”

“Ahh,” Tora clicked his tongue, setting down the briefcase he had in his right hand against the wall. “So, you’re the guy who’s paying an outrageous amount for his boyfriend to see me, hmm? You must really care for him.”

“I do,” Reita smiled, nodding his head confidently. “I really do…” There was no questioning at this point how much Kai meant to him, and he wasn’t ashamed to let anyone know just that. “Anyway, are you sure I can’t get you anything while we wait for Kai? I-”

“Ahhh, you must be the man of the hour. Uke-kun, correct?”

Reita looked over his shoulder upon Tora’s interruption, and sure enough, there Kai was. He was bundled in an oversized sweater, a beanie on his head concealing his wet hair. His mocha eyes were wide, and he was shifting foot to foot, nervously pulling the sleeves of his sweater over his hands. Reita could tell Kai was nervous beyond words, and that was understandable. Today was a huge step for him to take, he was going outside his comfort zone in so many ways, and that was always scary.

Kai didn’t say anything in response to Tora’s query, instead he stood there, refusing to even acknowledge him. Reita sighed to himself and crossed the room, wrapping an arm around Kai’s shoulders and pulling him close, rubbing on his upper arm soothingly before answering for him. “Yes, he is. Kai, this is Tora. The two of you are going to head into your bedroom and talk for a while, yeah? And don’t worry about a thing, I’ll be right out here the entire time…”

Again, Kai felt tense in his hold, but that didn’t stop the younger from nodding and slowly looking up at Tora, providing him with a polite bow. “It’s nice to meet you, Tora-san,” his voice was soft and shaky, and Reita could tell it was taking everything he had in him to keep himself together. He could’ve easily run away, locked himself up in the room upstairs and refused to exit until Tora left. But he didn’t. He stood his ground, he kept strong, and Reita could feel his heart swell with pride.

Even though only a few weeks have passed since, it felt like an eternity ago that he was holding Kai in his arms, feeling his small body shudder as tears stained his features, as he practically pleaded Reita to get him some help. Now, help was here, and Reita prayed with every fiber of his being that this was exactly the kind of help Kai needed.

Because he deserved to not be held back by his past, he deserved to be able to move forward.

Hell, as far as Reita was concerned, Kai deserved the entire world. And whether or not these sessions with Tora helped or not, he was going do everything in his power to make sure Kai received just that.

“Okay then,” Tora offered Kai a toothy smile, an attribute that Reita could now assume was the psychiatrist’s trade mark. He squeezed Kai’s shoulder, and Reita noted how Kai pulled away, but didn’t appear entirely fearful. “Shall we head into the bedroom and begin?”

Kai didn’t say anything, he merely stepped forward, heading into the bedroom without offering either of the other two men another glance. Tora turned towards Reita, nodded, and then followed Kai, closing the bedroom door shortly after entering.

Reita took in a deep breath of air and then headed into the living room to fall back onto the couch.

This was going to be the longest hour of his life.


Author's Note: Weeeell, it only took me almost a year to update this! :'D I know LJ is dead & pretty much no one will read this but, oh well :P I really want to finish this fic one day, even if it takes me another 10 years! This chapter was pretty much realizing just how whipped Reita is by Kai, so I hope everyone who does end up reading this enjoyed that xD We're sloooowly reaching the end of this fic, tho! How exciting ^^; And let me just say this - I know I'm not the best author out there, and I know there's probably mistakes all throughout this and some awkward sentences and what not, and maybe the flow of this fic completely sucks. But, I had fun writing this for once, and that's what matters! And I did try to make my smutty times a bit less cringe worthy, but is what it is :P Anywho, if anyone does read this, I'd really appreciate some feed back. Also, Ruki will be back next chapter, just in case anyone cares xD That's all for now! :33
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