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Title: The Forbidden Game
Chapter: Oneshot
Author: [ profile] bite_to_all136
Genre: AU, Drama, Light Comedy
Overall Warnings: language, sexual situations
Rating: PG-13
Band(s) the GazettE
Pairings/Characters: Kai & Aoi
Summary: He was aware meeting with Yuu like this was forbidden, and yet he didn’t care. Because meeting the alabaster skinned, raven haired beauty would always provide Yutaka with a sense of excitement his ordinary, everyday life could not provide him.
Notes: This was written and edited in a three day, hazy af period. Mistakes are bound to be there, you have been warned.
Disclaimer: I do not own the characters, only the mediocre story line.

The Forbidden Game

He was aware meeting with Yuu like this was forbidden, and yet he didn’t care. Because meeting the alabaster skinned, raven haired beauty would always provide Yutaka with a sense of excitement his ordinary, everyday life could not provide him. It made every fiber of his being feel electrified, it made him feel dangerously alert and alive and left him feeling flushed and covered in goosebumps, but also made it feel as if his skin was on fire in the best of ways after every exchange. Yuu brought excitement into the dull, ritualized pattern that was life, and Yutaka knew that without a doubt he was hooked.

“Where is he?” Yutaka asked, his voice just above a whisper. He knew it was pointless to speak so softly given the locations he and Yuu always chose to meet up at were as far away from civilization as they could possibly get, but still, speaking any louder felt as if he would be giving away their long-kept secret to everyone within the Kingdom.

“Just that way,” Takanori pointed towards a giant willow tree just behind Yutaka. “He didn’t give me an exact location this time, he merely said to keep walking straight passed that tree and you would find him eventually.”

Yutaka snorted as he began digging through the satchel bag hanging by his side. “In other words, he wants me to work for what I’m about to do with him?”

A grin spread across Takanori’s lips, adding to the mischief that seemed to always be decorating his features in full. “That’s royalty for you, eh? Always making us peasants work for even the tiniest of things.”

Yutaka couldn’t help the light chuckle that rumbled up from within his chest; Takanori never was one to hide his hatred for the division of the classes. “Trust me, Taka. What Prince Yuu has to offer isn’t exactly tiny.”

“No, it’s round and jiggly and makes me hate my work. Seriously, with all the extra fabric I must use when sewing his clothing, you would think someone as wealthy as he would pay me well. But no, instead he and his royal family work me to the bone and in exchange I get to live in a less than spacious room within their castle and pretty much get fed their table scraps. I-”

Takanori’s rant came to an end as soon as Yutaka finally pulled some paper bills from his bag and handed them his way. The young tailor wasted no time in snatching the bills out of Yutaka’s hand and began counting.

“I think you’ll find that’s about triple what you’re usually paid, Taka.” Yutaka stated, watching in amusement as the tailor’s eyed widened as he silently counted his payment. “Prince Yuu may not take care of you the way he should, but I know what you’re risking every time you help us with our meetings so, just as I promised at the beginning of all of this, I’ll make up for his lack of…consideration.”

“Consideration?” Takanori questioned, shoving the money into the tie of his yukata and offering the man in front of him a raised brow. “You mean his lack of humanity? His complete and utter dick-ish-ness? His-”

Yutaka’s hand dove back into his bag, pulling out another bill and handing it to Taka, which, unsurprisingly, shut the other man up right away.

“Just get going already.” Takanori huffed as he placed the newly acquired bill with the others, “I’m sure His Majesty is starting to get impatient from you making him wait so long.”

“Good,” Yutaka chuckled as he turned his back towards the young tailor and began his descent down passed the willow tree in search of his Prince. “He’s always a feisty little thing when I make him wait.”


Yutaka soon found himself eating his own words, because now he was the one beginning to grow impatient. Takanori told him that Yuu was just somewhere yonder the willow tree, so he had assumed that after a short ten or fifteen-minute walk he would have come across the Prince sitting by a river, offering him a scowl for making him wait. Unfortunately, that hadn’t been the case at all. Instead, almost a full hour of walking had passed and there hadn’t been any sign of Yuu.

At first Yutaka was angry, having assumed that maybe the Prince had decided to be vengeful on him for his tardiness and headed back into the Kingdom’s walls before Yutaka could make his appearance. However, that anger soon resided and worriment took its place. Because although Yuu was the youngest of four boys, making the likelihood of him ever ruling after his father’s passing highly unlikely, he was still a prince. He was a young, gorgeous prince all on his own outside of the Kingdom’s walls. He’d been trained in martial arts and could wield a katana like no other, but Yutaka was aware of the kinds of people who roamed the forest. Yuu would be able to take on a few of them at a time, but if he was ganged upon and his attackers realized exactly who he was and just how big of a profit they could make off him…

Yutaka’s heart dropped and the pace of his walk increased to that of a light jog. This sense of fear wasn’t what the thought of Yuu usually brought upon him.

“Yuu?” he hissed, his emotions now having done a complete 360, bringing him back to that of angry. Because, in his head, he had convinced himself there was no way anything bad had happened to Yuu. “Your highness?” he tried again, knowing that Yuu would sometimes refuse any communication with him unless referred to with his proper title. “Yuu, I swear to-”

“Swear to whom? I thought you weren’t religious, Yutaka-kun.”

Yutaka stopped in his jagged, weary pace and froze, slowly turning towards the stream of water to the right of him. Hearing Yuu’s voice so soft, calm, and at ease slowed his frantic heart yet made his blood boil all at the same time.

There Yuu was, standing in the river completely naked, bathing himself with nonchalance. Aside from his earlier words, he didn’t even seem to acknowledge Yutaka’s presence.

Yutaka’s hands formed into fists, his nails digging into the palms of his hands and his body filling with a tension that Yuu typically helped relieve. Without having to say a word, Yutaka knew that Yuu knew he had succeeded in riling him up and getting under his skin; that subtle yet haughty smirk across those full lips couldn’t have been hidden even if the young Prince had tried. Which Yutaka knew he hadn’t been; Yuu never seemed to have a problem with acknowledging he was being a tease.

Yutaka took a few steps closer to the river, closing in on the Prince slowly but surely. “You have me there, Your Highness. I’m not religious in the least bit.” He attempted to keep his voice steady, but he knew flares of anger were making it waver every couple of words. And seeing as Yuu’s smile only grew, Yutaka knew he knew as well.

“Such a shame you can’t find a deity to pray to,” Yuu replied while continuing to rub a wet cloth over his shoulder. He looked up at Yutaka through damp strands of raven locks and batted his lashes with mischievousness. “I know from experience that a man such as yourself looks quite delectable down on his knees…”

Those words were all it took. Yuu knew how to play with Yutaka’s emotions like a taught string, and in no time at all Yutaka had forgotten about attempting to play it cool and allow Yuu to be the one to fold in on their never-ending game of cat and mouse and lunged forward. He was trudging through the shallow water of the river in a heartbeat, coming face to face with Yuu and grabbing him roughly by the upper arms.

Yuu was only able to release a sharp gasp before his lips were captured in heated kiss. Yutaka’s tongue delved into that warm heat right away and muffled groans were torn from either his Yuu’s, or both their mouths. It was sloppy and messy, all tongue, teeth, and pure lust. Their hands were traveling on every inch of skin offered to the other, and in no time at all Yutaka found his hands, which were roughened from years of welding, on Yuu’s ass, squeezing away and tearing soft pleads from the raven haired.

“What was that you said?” Yutaka asked gruffly, lapping a wet trail down Yuu’s jaw with the tip of his tongue, only to nip at his Adams apple and give his cheeks a rough squeeze. “Who looks good down on their knees?”

He felt Yuu shiver in his tight hold, the hazy look in the Prince’s dark eyes giving away that he was just as into this as Yutaka was. However, that roguish glint was still there, proof that Yuu wasn’t about to give up this game any time soon. “Yutaka-kun,” Yuu’s voice trembled in the slightest, obviously effected by Yutaka’s ministrations. “I’m royalty. You of all people should know royalty kneels for no one. You’re my underling, you bow down to me. Understood?”

Yutaka froze in his affections on Yuu’s body, slowly pulled away and looked Yuu straight in the eyes. He knew where his Prince wanted this game to go, and he knew there was no way he would be able to refrain from moving things in the direction Yuu wished to go.

One look at those dark eyes set ablaze in lust, power, and something else he couldn’t yet quite decipher and Yutaka’s mind was made up for him before he could even think to try and attempt to get the upper hand for once.

“Understood, Your Majesty…”

Just like that Yutaka’s kisses continued down the Prince’s body. Down his chest, teasing a nipple, his hands sliding over firm ass cheeks and then down the back of equally firm thighs as he fell to his knees in the water. His lips trailed down Yuu’s stomach, sucked gently and cherished slightly protruding hip bones. And with one last look up at the impish Prince, Yutaka wrapped his hands around the rock-hard cock presented to him and swallowed Yuu whole.

Hands wrapped in his hair with possession right away, and from the way Yuu’s hips began snapping back and forth and the low guttural noises he was producing, Yutaka knew today’s meeting would possibly extend well into the night.


“Won’t someone come looking for you soon?”

Moonlight was now decorating Yuu’s pale skin in a mesmerizing glow, prompting Yutaka to trace random patterns down that smooth torso, earning him soft purrs from the Prince currently resting his head on his chest.

“Mhhh, probably. But if they do happen to find me, I’ll simply blame my day long absence on you.” Yuu tilted his head up and caught Yutaka’s eye, offering him another one of those slanted, impish smiles. “After all, who are they bound to believe? Me, the young Prince whose father provides them their pay, or you, the poor, doe eyed peasant whom welds swords?”

“Hmm, you have a point there, Your Highness,” Yutaka agreed, his fingers now dancing along the length of Yuu’s thigh. “But you must remember, I’m also the poor, doe eyed peasant who provides the guards of the Kingdom their weapons at half price.”

“But remind me again why it is you offer them their weaponry at such a low price.” Yuu challenged, making Yutaka’s entire body heat up in a red flush.

Yutaka merely cleared his throat and sat up, beginning to pull his yukata back on. “I have no idea what it is you’re hinting at, my dear Prince.” Once he tied his yukata shut, he bent and grabbed Yuu’s own, tossing it at the Prince in hint that he should begin dressing as well. “I’m just a nice guy who wishes to do well by the men who keep the Kingdom safe.”

Yuu stood with a huff, rolling his eyes and mumbling under his breath. Yutaka couldn’t help but laugh to himself, because he knew the exact reason behind Yuu’s reaction. He knew that Yuu knew he only sold swords to the guards at half price because, more times than not, Yutaka sold them faulty weaponry. Because a less protected palace meant a certain Prince could sneak out and meet up with him with more ease.
“Hey,” Yutaka called out softly once Yuu was dressed. He grabbed the raven haired by his hips and turned him to face him, rubbing his thumbs soothingly on his sides. “Tell me why you ventured so far into the forest today, hmm? You had me worried…”

“Worried?” Yuu mimicked, raising a brow. “Worried about what? Did you think a rabid bunny was going to attack me?”

“No, I-”

His response was cut short with a soft kiss to the lips. “My dear welder, what did I tell you when I first began this little game of ours, hmm?”

“That it was just for fun, my Prince.”

“Just for fun, and what else?” Yuu queried, starting to nip down Yutaka’s neck while palming him through the soft fabric of his yukata.

Yutaka’s eyes rolled heavenward and he found his hands clenching tighter onto Yuu’s hips. He was hopeless, never able to resist the man before him. “T-that…I was not…” he trailed off, Yuu’s racy treatment proving to be more than a slight distraction. “That I was not to develop feelings for you, My Prince…”

“And that is still the case, correct?” Yuu licked a wet trail up Yutaka’s ear, biting his lobe none to gently and then pressing his lips fully against his ear, whispering, “Correct?”

Yutaka felt that jolt of electricity go through his entire body, and if it hadn’t been for Yuu’s arms around him, he knew he would’ve gone toppling forward.

“Correct, My Prince…”

Because Yuu knew how to play him like a pawn, so even if that answer was the farthest thing from the truth, it was still the answer Yutaka gave. Because he knew it was what Yuu wished to hear.


If he was being honest with himself, Yutaka had to admit that his meetings with Yuu were beginning to lose the immense amount of joy they once brought him and were now instead beginning to fill him with dread. Because he knew meeting with Yuu meant having to hide the feelings he was now damning himself for being capable of feeling, he knew meeting with Yuu meant that after a few hours of passionate fucking and playful bickering, they would soon have to part ways and act as if they were mere acquaintances every time Yutaka came to deliver a freshly welded sword to the King or one of his employed guards. It was rough being in the same room as his Prince and having to keep his hands to himself, but it was even harder having to conceal these feelings he promised himself he would never develop for the other.

He tried to convince himself that he was only falling in love with the sensation that Yuu provided him and not Yuu himself, but even Takanori pointed out that concept was complete bullshit and informed Yutaka that he had better get his act together before Yuu found out exactly how he felt and cut ties with him for good.

Yutaka figured Takanori had a good point, and so he tried his best to distance himself from Yuu. He would turn down invitations to meet up with his Prince, using excuses that ranged from him being busy with work to him having come down with a cold. And his excuses seemed to be working, seeing as a month and a half had passed and he hadn’t seen Yuu a single time during those days.

However, his 45-day clean streak of Yuu ended abruptly one night in the most unexpected of ways. He had been hammering away at a new katana for the King for the last four hours. Drenched in heavy sweat and arms sore from the tasking work, he listened to the rain fall outside and encouraged himself to finish the daunting task of completing the King’s weapon in the full detail outlined specifically by the King himself. It had to be perfect and Yutaka planned on making it just that way out of fear for possibly losing a hand, or even both, if the sword wasn’t on par with the King’s request.

He was just about to start in on some of the finishing details when there was a sudden knock on his door. It was late and any sane resident would’ve realized his shop had closed for the night long ago, but based on the frantic knocking that didn’t seem to want to die down, Yutaka deduced that whoever was at his door at this hour in the rain that had turned into a full-fledged storm by this point wasn’t sane in the last bit.

Placing down his welding tools, he grabbed the towel draped around his neck and wiped the sweat off his face before attempting to wipe most of the grime off his hands. The knocking continued persistently, reaching levels that sounded so threatening that before opening the door, Yutaka gathered one of his finished products in his hands, just in case.

He opened the door, ready to defend himself, only to drop the sword at his feet when he finally registered who stood just before him. “…Yuu?”

There his Prince stood, soaked head to toe from the rain, a black cloak covering his face and most of his silk yukata. It was sticking to his figure like a second skin, accentuating his obvious curves, and after over a month of not seeing the beautiful man before him or being around the raw sensuality he seemed to radiate, Yutaka felt that heat Yuu always brought with him attack his body at an alarmingly fast, and quite embarrassingly, rate.

“It’s Your Majesty to you…” Before Yutaka could wrap his mind around his new situation, he found Yuu’s hands on his chest, shoving him back into his shop, sending him crashing into the tool table behind him.

Yutaka understood why Yuu was pissed off without any form of explanation, but before he could begin explaining his sudden avoidance to Yuu, the raven haired was in front of him, shoving him around even more.

“You really think you can just ditch me? You’re my underling, only I get say in when our relationship ends.” Yuu’s hands settled on parallel sides of the table, his arms trapping Yutaka again it. He looked up at the welder, his eyes ablaze and unforgiving. “I could have my father arrest you for this.”

“Yuu, just let me explain. I-”

“I don’t want to hear it!”

It was unexpected, but before Yuu began throwing more threats his way, the Prince leaned up and mashed their lips together in a kiss so raw, so heated, that for a split moment Yutaka believed he may faint. It wasn’t like anything they had ever shared before, it was vulnerable, unshielded, real. And in that moment, Yutaka finally understood exactly what that undeciphered look was in Yuu’s gaze that month and a half ago back at the river.

He swatted Yuu’s hands away as they moved to strip him of his clothing, and just as Yuu broke the kiss to berate Yutaka some more, the welder placed a finger against the Prince’s full lips, silencing him.

“Why didn’t you just tell me, Yuu?”

“Tell you what?”

“That you love me.” Yutaka smiled, watching as Yuu’s face fell.

“Love you?” Yuu huffed, pushing off the table and away from Yutaka, beginning to pace the shop. “Are you delusional? Love you? How could I ever love someone like you? I have suitors much more up to par with my social ranking-”

“And yet here you are, soaking wet, having come running to me in the rain the second you got a chance to escape from the palace unnoticed.” Yutaka challenged, stepping in front of Yuu and grabbing his chin, forcing the raven to look up at him. “Admit it, Yuu…you love me, just as I love you.”

Their stares latched onto one another’s, each of them attempting to read exactly just what the other was attempting to say through looks alone. It was obvious they both knew how the other felt, but it was only Yutaka who was willing to open up and bare all, whereas Yuu was slowly but surely closing like a clam did when trying to protect its pearl.

“No, I’ll never admit to such rubbish.” Yuu said sternly, ignoring the rough hands massaging on the small of his back.

“And why not?”

“Because, that would be breaking the rules of the game.”

“Your point?” Yutaka shot back, leaning in to begin trailing light kisses down Yuu’s neck.

“Well,” Yuu shuddered, allowing Yutaka to lay him back on his work bench, wrapping his legs around the welder’s waist as he began peeling his clothes off him layer by layer. “When you break the rules, you lose the game. And I for one never lose…”

It was with those words that Yutaka finished stripping Yuu down to nothing, dropping to his knees and beginning to flick his tongue along that puckered heat, swearing to himself that one day soon, he’d make Yuu lose the game for good.


“Are you busy this week?”

Welding tools were scattered all around them, and Yutaka was beginning to fear that the legs of the work bench they were casually laying across after such a rough round were beginning to give out. He would hear them creaking beneath he and Yuu, but at the moment he couldn’t be bothered to move. Not when he was plastered to Yuu’s body after such a passionate affair, their skin moist and hot and feeling heavenly pressed up against the others.

Instead he settled for unburying his face from those ruffled raven locks and looking down at his Prince’s quizzical face, moving minimally as to lose as little contact as possible with him.

“Why do you ask?”

That earned Yutaka a light slap to the chest, followed by, “Do not question your Prince, just answer the question. Are you busy this week or not?”

“Not,” Yutaka smiled, knowing his short answer would only irate Yuu. “Why do you want to know?”

“Didn’t I just tell you not to question your Prince?”

“Yes, but I need to question my Prince in order to find out just what it is he has planned for me exactly. I-”

A hand slapped over Yutaka’s mouth midsentence, cutting off the rest of his statement. “You talk far too much, peasant.” Yuu slowly dragged his fingers down Yutaka’s mouth, pulling the welder’s bottom lip into a pout. “I’ll have to buy you a gag for when you come back to the palace with me.”

Yutaka raised a brow, wrapping his arms tighter around the raven. “I’m coming back to the palace with you? Since when?”

A seductive smile broke out Yuu’s full lips and in response to Yutaka’s query. He merely shrugged his shoulders before breaking out of the welder’s hold and sitting up on the work bench, pulling on his cloak from earlier. “Since I said so.” When Yutaka continued to stare at him in obvious confusion, the Prince added, “Father is taking my brothers to a neighboring kingdom this week to discuss attaining new land from them. I am not joining them because someone must stay home and look after mother.”


“What do you mean ‘and’?” Yuu hissed. “My family will be gone for the week, I’m offering you to live a life of leisure for that week. Do you really not want to take me up on such an offer?”

“That all depends.”

“Depends on what?”

“Will the two of us be staying in the same bedroom for that week?”

Yuu’s usual alabaster skin ignited in a tone of pink so bright that it looked as if he had laid out in the sun for a week. His jaw tightened and his expression went stony, obviously attempting to hide from Yutaka just how flustered that casual question had made him. But Yutaka wasn’t slow, he could easily detect how such a question might make Yuu feel uncomfortable, and he wasn’t about to lie, he was truly enjoying getting to witness his raven-haired Prince squirm and stumble over his words in discomfort.

“Of course, why wouldn’t we?” Yuu huffed as he hopped off the table and tied the sash to his cloak around his waist. “It would be kind of hard to continue our affair with one another if you were staying in a completely different room, now wouldn’t it?”

The welder followed Yuu with his eyes, watching as the Prince began gathering the rest of his belongings, trying with all his might to keep a victorious grin off his features. “But I thought another one of your rules was we were to never spend a full night together. Wouldn’t sharing a room mean we’d spend multiple nights together, meaning you’d be the one breaking one of your own rules?”

Yuu froze, his entire body stiffened, and in no time at all Yutaka was being pinned with a glare so frightening, he felt shivers go throughout his entire body. “Shut. Up. A carriage will be here in the morning to pick you up, I shall see you then.”

Without another word, Yuu slid out the front door and into the dark, rainy night.

Yutaka continued to lay there on his work bench, grinning like a fool.

Making Yuu lose this game might be easier than he thought.


The carriage arrived at 8 o’clock and within half an hour Yutaka was being escorted through the Shiroyama palace. For the first time in the few handful of times he’d been inside the elaborate building, he didn’t feel on edge or finicky. Instead he felt an odd sense of calm, what one might even describe as tranquil, and he knew the reason for that was having been informed in advance that neither Yuu’s father or siblings would be around. Their presence has always filled Yutaka with a strong sense of fear, because he knew if they were to find out about his and Yuu’s relationship, they would, quite literally, have his head.

Royalty was not meant to mingle with his low level of class ever.

“Shiroyama-sama,” the guard escorting Yutaka spoke boldly as he opened the door leading to the palace’s library. He bowed low to the young Prince, who was currently sitting at a table, eyes glued to the book in front of him, and then shot Yutaka an offended look from beneath his lashes.

Yutaka quickly caught onto his fallacy and dropped down into a bow even lower than the guard’s own. “Your Highness,” he stared down at the ground, remembering that in the presence of others, he should treat Yuu with the proper respect his title earned him. This wasn’t one of their usual encounters, he couldn’t address Yuu as casually as he was used to, and he knows without even having to sneak a glance at him that his Prince was getting much amusement out of watching him have to behave so prim and proper.

Yuu audibly closed his book and stood in front of the guard, clearing his throat as to tell him non-verbally he was given permission to continue with his introductions. The guard didn’t hesitate even a second before standing straight and picking up where he left off earlier without missing a beat. “Your Majesty, a Uke Yutaka is here to see you. He claims you have extended an invitation to him which is allowing him to spend the week here, is this true?”

“Very much so,” Yuu replied. He grabbed his book off the table and moved across the room to put in back in its proper place. “He is here to help me improve my swordsmanship. I informed father of this before his departure, did he not let you know?”

“No, Shiroyama-sama, he did not.”

“Well, that is exactly what the case is, so I can ensure you, Uke-san here is of no harm. You’re dismissed, I can show him to his room myself.”

Again, without hesitation, the guard bowed, gave his goodbye, and then turned and walked out the heavy double doors. They closed with a slam, and no sooner than they were positive they were now alone, Yutaka was in front of Yuu, raising a brow with an amused expression etched across his lips. “I’m here to help you improve your swordsmanship? Really, that’s the best excuse you could come up with?”

The Prince smiled and shrugged a single shoulder, taking a step closer to Yutaka. “It’s really not an excuse,” his hands rested on the welder’s hips and pulled him close, their cocks rubbing up against one another’s in the slightest. “I mean, you’re a welder, you’re good with a sword. So, I was kind of helping you could teach me some tips and tricks, that’s all.”

“Oh yeah? And exactly what sword are we going to be practicing with here in the library, hmm?”

“Why this one, of course.”

Yutaka should’ve seen it coming from a mile away, but of course he didn’t. He was surrounded by Yuu and Yuu’s presence alone seemed to fog his brain and make him incapable of registering anything around him that wasn’t Yuu. So, when his Prince’s hand slid down and in between them, squeezing his cock none too gently, Yutaka couldn’t control the pleasured hiss that escaped through his lips, nor could he control the way his head lulled forward and planted against Yuu’s shoulder, his fingers digging into the raven’s hips for dear life.

“My dear Prince,” the welder managed to hiss out through tight teeth, “last I checked, that wasn’t a sword.”

“It’s long, hard, and slides into me quite readily. It’s a sword.” Before Yutaka could think of any sort of wise come back, his Prince was pushing him flat against the table and dropping to his knees. “Now,” Yuu continued, his voice a near purr as his hand wrapped around Yutaka’s hardness and began stroking. “Allow me to show you my new trick. I’ve been practicing sword swallowing, tell me how well I do.”

Within seconds, Yutaka’s entire length was engulfed in that warm heat that sent fireworks bursting behind closed eyes every time. His legs were shaking and his nails were digging into the wood of the table, leaving behind a permanent remainder of what went down between he and Yuu in this room on this very day.

It was a reminder that today was the day Yuu managed to get back on track to being the ultimate champion of their little game.


It was a week of touching, fucking, and touching some more. Yutaka was positive that he and his Prince hadn’t left a square inch of the palace untainted with the aftermath of their torrid affair, thus proven by the awkward and seemingly hesitant looks the help would grace him with when he came to report to them that their Majesty had yet another suspicious mess for them to clean up.

Yutaka was sure that by the end of the week, the help would have to go out and fully re-stock their, what was once full, cleaning cabinet with more supplies thanks to he and Yuu.

He should have felt guilty, but instead he felt triumphed.

“Wipe that grin off your face and untie me, peasant.”

Yuu’s snappy remark only made the grin currently on Yutaka’s face spread. They were laying in the Prince’s lavish bed, sheets tangled all around their naked bodies, and Yutaka’s head resting in Yuu’s lap. They had both just finished getting off together mere minutes ago, and it was only now the welder could bring himself out of his hazy post orgasmic bliss and pull himself up into a sitting position in the bed.

“Why should I untie you? You look quite sexy like this.”

The silk ties used on the Prince’s higher quality kimonos, in combination with his bed’s headboard, proved to have come in handy during their latest venture. They’d started out fooling around as usual, but when Yuu had stated he wanted to do something beyond memorable for Yutaka’s last night here. Creativity started flowing through both of them, ending with Yuu’s arms and legs tied to the bed’s post as Yutaka fucked him slow but hard, resulting in them both coming with such intensity that they couldn’t even see straight.

It had been a memorable night indeed.

“Untie me this instance or-”

“Or what?” Yutaka chastised, raising a brow. “You’re tied up, my Prince. There’s not much you could possibly do to me.”

“I can scream and shout and have a guard come up here and throw your ass in the dungeon.” Yuu shot back, seriousness lacing his words.

Yutaka gulped. “Good point.” And then got to work on untying Yuu.

Once they’d cleaned themselves up and dressed, it was all kind of one big blur. Yutaka gathered his belongings and then Yuu was quickly rushing him out the door and into the carriage to be sent on his way home. The King was set to arrive home within the hour, and although Yutaka knew the King was informed of his visit, he knew Yuu was uncomfortable with him being in his father’s presence. Which he could understand, because simply knowing the older Shiroyama had enough power to order him dead was enough to make him want to avoid him altogether.

When Yutaka arrived home, his entire body was buzzing from his weeklong extravaganza with his Prince, so instead of unpacking he settled for heading down to his shop and getting straight to work. He welded for what felt like hours, and in all reality, it actually was hours because by the time he looked up from the katana he was working on, the full moon was gleaming brilliantly in through his window.

He stepped away from his work bench and stepped in front of his window, staring out into the beautiful night. It was peaceful, and the complete darkness surrounding him reminded him of a certain raven.

A frantic knock at his door sideswiped him from his thoughts and sent his heart racing. Cursing under his breath, he stumbled towards the door, tripping over tools along the way. This felt like a repeat of the night Yuu had decided to make a surprise visit to his shop, and given the late hour and the familiarity of the knock, he assumed that his raven-haired Prince was once again his late-night visitor.

That made a smile spread across his lips. It hadn’t even been a full day yet and Yuu was already missing him.

“Yuu, you really shouldn’t be sneaking out so late at night, I- Taka? What’re you doing here?”

An overwrought Takanori pushed passed Yutaka and slammed the door shut, pressing his entire weight against said door. His eyes were wide and his breathing was heavy, an aura of paranoia surrounding him.

“You have to get the hell out of here, Yutaka. He knows.”

Yutaka took a few steps back, knowing what Takanori was saying but refusing to believe it. “What? W-who knows?”

Takanori took a few deep breaths, eyes closed as he softly murmured the words Yutaka never once in his life wished to hear. “The King, Yutaka. The King knows about you and the Prince.”

With those few words, Yutaka’s world shattered. He knew his only two options at this point were run or be killed.

Running meant never seeing Yuu again, as did death.

In the end, no matter what option he went with, Yuu was right. He’d lost in every way possible.

It was game over for him.

“What about Yuu? What’s going to happen with him?” Yutaka finally managed, feeling his heart give out at the thought of all the possible punishments Yuu could receive from participating in such a forbidden act.

“Don’t worry about him,” Takanori hissed, grabbing the bag Yutaka had brought with him to the palace and beginning to shove some more random pieces of clothing into it for Yutaka. “Last I saw, he was fine. His room is being heavily guarded right now, but he’s fine. You need to be worrying about yourself. The King was preparing to send an entire army of guards your way before I managed to sneak out.” He shoved the bag at Yutaka and gave him a soft look. “Please, Yutaka. You must get out of here now. I put some money and necessities into your bag, you should be able to find some hostel to stay in for the night once you exit the Kingdom. Just please, get as far away from here as possible and never look back.”


“Not buts! Just go.”

The pure fear in Takanori’s eyes made Yutaka realize he really hadn’t a choice. He had to leave the Kingdom, he had to leave his shop and home and everything he has ever known.

But most importantly, he had to leave Yuu.

Even without the King having ever laid hands on him, Yutaka already felt dead.


Yutaka made it through the longest three nights of his life. Journeying out of the Kingdom without being caught hadn’t been easy. The King had guards patrolling every corner of every exit, and more than a handful of times Yutaka had feared he’d been caught and was about to get tossed into the palace’s dungeon for a grueling, unknown amount of time before the King finally decided to off him one sunny day. However, luck had apparently been on his side and, somehow, he had slid passed all the guards undetected and made it out of the boundaries of the Kingdom within a daunting 72 hours that never seemed to come to an end.

After successfully ensuring he was in the clear for the time being, he slowed his walk to a leisure pace, needing to be able to collect his thoughts and figure out his next plan of action. He was exhausted, having gone without food and water and any sleep for the past three days. He could have easily have taken shelter in the forest, but he feared getting caught. It was easier to just suffer for a few days before finding proper shelter in a neighboring town.

A few more hours of walking passed, and once more Yutaka lucked out and was picked up by a carriage lulling hay into a town that was only a few miles away. He hopped into the back and rested among the stacks of hay, and within seconds, he was out.

Not too soon after that he was being shaken awake. He groggily sat up and found the carriage driver in front of him, telling him they’d arrived. Yutaka sat up and right away tried to offer the man money for the ride, however, the man declined, stating that it looked as if Yutaka needed a break and he was happy to offer it to him with a free ride.

Yutaka thanked the man and bowed to him repeatedly, and no sooner did he drive away did Yutaka get to walking again, this time looking for the hostel Takanori had suggested he attain during the night of his hurried exit.

It was a small town he found himself wandering, so finding a hostel hadn’t been too hard. He walked in and asked for a room, and after paying with the money he had shoved within his pockets, he headed up to his room and crashed onto the offered futon right away.

There was so much to take in, so much to think about. He wanted desperately to have Yuu by his side, he wished they’d been able to have one last conversation before he’d been forced to leave, he wished he’d been able to say good bye.

However, more than anything, he wished he’d had one last chance to tell Yuu how he really felt about him before they were forced to never see one another again. Because maybe, just maybe, within that moment, Yuu would have possibly let those barriers down he kept up so structurally and finally said with words instead of actions alone how he actually felt about the welder.

Yutaka closed his eyes and pinched the bridge of his nose. He didn’t want to think about this right now, he didn’t want to think about anything, especially Yuu.

Right now, what he needed was a distraction, and the pit of water located in the back of the hostel for bathing sounded like just like the distraction he needed.

Sitting up, he grabbed the bag Takanori had shoved at him what now felt like an eternity ago. He unzipped it with the intention of pulling out fresh clothes, only to get distracted by the papers shoved in the side of it. Takanori had mentioned providing Yutaka with some money, but wrapped within the paper bills was something Yutaka hadn’t been expecting – a note. A note that, upon unfolding the paper, he realized was from Yuu.

My Dearest Yutaka,

My staff here at the palace apparently were not taught at an early age that gossiping is rude, and for that I apologize. They informed my father they suspected something between us, and that is when my father snapped. I know it is not saying much, but I have personally ensured these gossip fiends no longer work under the Shiroyama name.

By the time Takanori has delivered this to you and you have read it, I know you will be long gone. However, I wanted to inform you that this is not the end. I have never been one to play games half-assed, and I fully intend on finishing this one with you. As I said before: I never break my own rules, and allowing you to forfeit is simply not allowed. I do not and will not accept pity wins.

Until we meet again, please practice your game play. You never know when I will show up, and I expect you to be ready to play no matter the place or time of day.

- Your Majesty

PS: The suspicion you held that night at your shop may or may not have been correct. You will have to finish what you started to receive a clear answer.

Yutaka’s hands shook as he finished reading the letter. They shook and shook as his eyes began to mist and his entire body was blanketed in a calming heat. This letter answered so much but, at the same time, nothing at all.

However, there was one thing he knew for sure: even if he never saw Yuu again, he had succeeded. He was victorious. He had won.

This wasn’t the end, this was only the beginning.

Same game; new chapter.

And there was no way in hell he wasn’t going to master it.


Author's Note: Weeeell, it's something, and I don't actually hate it for once. :P Anyway, I left it an open ending because, if my brain cooperates with me, I will write a part 2 in the future, but if that never happens at least this is pretty much complete & you as a reader can assume what happens in the future. :P That's it for now, here's to hoping I update an MC sometime soon!
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