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Title: Wedding Blues
Chapter: Oneshot
Author: [ profile] bite_to_all136
Genre: AU, Drama, Smut
Overall Warnings: sex, language
Rating: NC-17 (to be safe)
Band(s) the GazettE
Pairings/Characters: Uruha & Kai, Reita & Ruki, hinted Uruha & Reita
Summary: It was easy to hate weddings, and if it hadn't been for the fact that it was his best friend of over twenty years alongside the man he considered a little brother getting married, he would've skipped out on the wedding completely.
Notes: For the lovely and amazing [ profile] leader_kai <333
Disclaimer: I do not own the characters, only the mediocre story line.

Wedding Blues

Uruha hates weddings. He hates everything they stand for. He hates that he has to put on a scratchy suit with a collar so high he feels like he's suffocating, he hates the annoying, sappy romance songs that blast through the speakers during the reception and remind him of just how alone he is, and he hates how the guests put on an act of being happy for the newly wedded couple, only to mutter and whisper behind their backs, placing bets as to how long their marriage would last.

Uruha himself placed a bet of two years. He knew he was wrong, he knew his friends’ marriage would last a lifetime, but a man could dream, couldn't he?

It was easy to hate weddings, and if it hadn't been for the fact that it was his best friend of over twenty years alongside the man he considered a little brother getting married, he would've skipped out on the wedding completely.

Though, he had to admit, even with all the negatives that came alongside this dreaded day, there was an upside to all of this: Reita and Ruki hadn't been cheap in their wedding planning and had splurged to hire multiple bartenders and have an open bar available to their guests.

Uruha has never been more grateful for Ruki's obsessive nature with having the biggest and the most enriched wedding of all time, because, honestly, the unlimited access to any mixed drink he could get his hands on was the only thing stopping him from tossing himself into the ocean with an anchor tied around his ankle.

"Rei, stop that!"

Uruha looked up from swirling the last few sips of his strong concoction around in a champagne flute just in time to see Reita and Ruki out on the dance floor; Reita's hands secured snugly on Ruki's ass, and Ruki's flushed red face buried into Reita's chest as they continued to dance the night away.

The sight made Uruha feel physically sick; he knew he should be the one to be holding Reita like that.

He quickly downed the rest of his drink and stood.

Time for another refill.

He strode across the reception hall, his eyes set straight ahead on the glistening bottles of liquor shelved behind the bartenders the entire time. Uruha has had a drink in his hand since the second the wedding ceremony ended, and luckily, he was a man who could hold his liquor quite well, unlike Reita or Ruki, who would’ve been ten sheets to the wind by now if they had consumed even a fraction of the amount that Uruha has.

Maybe, Uruha thought, they are meant to be together. He enjoyed having a few drinks quite regularly, and he’s not exactly sure he would be able to deal with Reita’s intolerance to booze. His lightweight ass could babble nonsense for hours after one drink, and Uruha liked to relax while drinking, not listen to someone get paranoid about conspiracy theories.

He knew he was trying to think of every imaginable annoying trait Reita had to offer in order to convince himself that Reita getting married wasn’t the end of his world, and, honestly, with the alcohol sedating him some and with remembering how last time he’d had a drink with Reita, his blond friend had gone on and on until six in the morning about how moon was really made out of cheese, it was beginning to work.

The woman standing in front of him in the line to the bar grabbed a tray full of drinks and headed back to her table, allowing Uruha to step forward. Leaning against the counter top, he tapped his fingers across the sleek marble and muttered to himself possible drink orders while waiting for one of the bartenders to free themselves from another guest so they could come take his order.

“What can I get for you?”

That was a new voice. Uruha thought he had been waited on by every bartender here tonight, but, apparently, he was wrong. Looking away from the line of bottles, he set his eyes on the man in front of him. Or, at least who he thought would be a man. The person in front of him looked like he couldn’t even be over the age of 18.

“Umm,” Uruha stood up straight and cleared his throat, attempting to hide his obvious gawking. He couldn’t help it, this guy looked way too young to be anywhere near alcohol, “just a bourbon and coke, please.”

“Coming right up!” The bartender smiled and Uruha could tell it was earnest, and then turned to begin making the drink, “Oh, wait! I almost forgot-” he walked back up to Uruha and held out his hand, “Let me see your ID, please.”

Uruha was taken aback. He had been so distraught about the wedding when leaving his apartment earlier in the afternoon that he had forgotten his wallet at home. All his cash, the gift card he had gotten for Reita and Ruki as a wedding present, and his damn driver’s license, all left at home. However, he hadn’t stressed about it, because although he didn’t quite look his age, he knew he definitely looked old enough to get a few drinks without being questioned. Hell, he had all evening, so he wasn’t sure what the problem was now.

“I’m 38 years old, you don’t need to see my ID.”

“Actually, I do. Sorry, but it’s kinda the law. I can get fired if I serve you without seeing your ID first.”

“None of your coworkers have had a problem serving me all night without seeing any identification.” Uruha motioned his hands in the direction of the over bartenders.

“Sorry,” the young bartender in front of him shrugged his shoulders and smiled a smile that Uruha wanted to call condescending, “but, I’m not them. I’m me and I follow the rules, so if you show me some ID, you get a drink. If you don’t, well then, you don’t, simple as that.”

Uruha’s hands curled into fists on top of the bar’s counter top and his eyes transformed into intimidating slants. This kid was beyond annoying. It was obvious Uruha was fed up with him, yet he continued to stand there and smile as if they were having a delightful conversation. Uruha wasn’t usually a violent person, but at the moment he kind of wanted to reach across the bar and slap that smile away. Especially when, from behind him, he heard Ruki giggling some more – Reita was obviously being his usual perverted self and continuing to grope him even more out on the dance floor. How disgusting.

“Look,” he didn’t mean to, but his bottled up frustrations from this evening began to release themselves in the form of a fist slamming down on the table and his voice adapting a threatening tone, “All I want is a damn drink. What right do you have to deny serving me one? Are you even legal? Have you even graduated high school?”

“Actually,” the bartender said with an obvious perk to his tone, a smile still on his face, showing off what Uruha would usually deem as charming smile lines, as he held up a single finger, “for your information, I graduated high school five years ago. Now that I’ve cleared that up for you, could you please get out of the way? I have other guests to serve and I can guarantee you they were smart enough to actually bring their IDs.”

Condescending and a smart ass. Uruha was far past wanting to slap this guy, now he just wanted to strangle him. “Why you little sh-”

Just as he found himself lurching forward to get in the bartender’s face, the bartender held up a hand and pressed it lightly against Uruha’s chest, before turning his head to the side and viewing the line of guests. “Next, please!”

And then he carefully shifted a slightly dazed Uruha to the side and began serving the other guests happily, as if a confrontation hadn’t just been ready to start.

Uruha stood, staring, blinking, and then staring some more.

He wasn’t sure if he should hate this guy, or be impressed with his professionalism.

Uruha was broken out of his daze when he heard the DJ announce the grooms were beginning to cut the cake. He was Reita’s best man, he should stick around and watch the cutting of the cake, but like hell was he about to stand around and watch them act all cute while they shoved slices of cake into each other’s faces. There was only so much he could handle this sober, and that perky bartender made it more than obvious he wasn’t getting anything more to drink tonight.

Eyeing the back door, which led to the small segment of beach where the ceremony had taken place, Uruha darted for it, ignoring all the questioning stares he received in his haste.


Hearing all the cheering and laugher from inside was what prompted Uruha to take a mile walk back to his car and grab the flask he’d stored in his trunk in case today became too overwhelming for him. He knew it made him look like a complete alcoholic, but, at the moment, he really didn’t care. No one in there could possibly understand what he was going through right now, no one knew how every time he saw Reita smile at Ruki, his heart shattered a bit; it shattered beyond repair.

Sitting here on the beach where his friends exchanged vows just hours ago, staring at the very arch they had committed themselves to each other for the rest of their lives, it hurt, but it hurt less than having to be in the same room as them. At least here he could listen to the soothing crash of the waves, could feel the sand in his toes, and could appreciate the slight burn down his throat as he sipped on the whiskey in the flask, remembering back to when he was a teenager and he and Reita would roam the beaches back at home during the night, all while exchanging this very flask between them.

“You’re the best man at a wedding you’ve been looking nothing but miserable being at all evening, and even after being denied being served anymore booze by me, here you are, sitting on the beach, looking completely done with life and continuing to drink. You’re either a party pooper, or a very heart broken man. Which is it?”

Uruha internally groaned and closed his eyes, hoping that hearing this perky voice was just a figment of his imagination. But then he titled his head back, and even if from his current position of laying with his back and elbows buried into the sand, making the person in front of him appear upside down, there was no denying the bartender from earlier was standing behind him.

He flopped back in the sand fully and groaned out loud, eyes remaining shut. “Go. Away. I have enough on my mind right now, I don’t need your patronizing ass here to make matters worse.”

“Patronizing?” A giggle followed, and with his eyes closed and unable to see the man behind him, Uruha could actually consider it a sweet sound. He knew his opinion would change if he opened his eyes, so he kept them shut – he needed some kind of relief right now. “Wow, that’s not how people usually describe me. It’s normally more along the lines of ‘sweet’ or ‘kind’.”

Uruha snorted and opened a single eye, watching as the bartender stepped closer and began to sit down next to him. “I’ll give it to you that you look sweet, but after our little situation at the bar, I can pretty much deem you as my mortal enemy.”

“Mortal enemy? Okay, if I’m going to play such an important role in your life, shouldn’t you at least get to know my name first?” When Uruha remained staring at the man by his side, the man simply smiled and held out his hand, forcing Uruha to take it and shake it. “Kai, my name’s Kai. And you’re Uruha, the best man the DJ keeps teasing about needing to get laid so you’ll stop being a total grump.”

Uruha rolled his eyes and sat up, dusting the sand off his back. “Neither you or the DJ could possibly understand what I’m going through right now. So, please, unless you’re here to make up for being an ass to me earlier by not giving me the drink I asked for, then leave.”

He began lifting his flask to his lips to finish off the minuscule amount that was left, only to have a hand encompass his and use light force to lower it.

“Why do you assume I don’t understand what you’re going through? I’ve seen how you look at him, I’ve been watching you all night and have taken note of all your actions. You just don’t love him, you’re in love with him, and you know he’ll never love you back. You-”

“Shut. Up.” Uruha growled, ripping his hand away from Kai’s. He didn’t like how Kai was hitting everything spot on, he didn’t like how transparent he had apparently been all evening. “You don’t know anything, you’re just a kid. Now, leave.”

Kai hummed lightly and rested a hand on Uruha’s knee, squeezing. Uruha wanted to pull away again, but he had to admit, this was the kind of comforting he had been wishing for all evening – and even if it wasn’t from the person he had been hoping it to be from, it still felt nice.

“You assume I don’t know what you’re going through because of my age? Well, you tell me if this sounds familiar, okay? You’ve been in love with somebody for a long while, maybe since you were kids. You’ve always thought you were going to end up with that somebody, but you never thought to tell that person how you felt because you just assumed they felt the same way about you. But then years pass and they start dating someone and you see how happy they are with them. You see they’re happier with this other person than they could ever be with you, so you keep your mouth shut about your feelings and let them continue their relationship with someone else because you love this person so much that you put their happiness before yours. And then when the day their wedding rolls around…you finally fall apart.” Kai took a slight pause and Uruha watched as he closed his eyed and took a deep breath before opening his eyes again and offering a tender smile, “So, sound familiar?”

Every. Word. Every damn word hit Uruha like a ton of bricks. His body tensed up and, for a moment, it almost felt as if he has forgotten how to breathe. Because he could resonate in depth with what Kai had said. Hell, for a moment it felt like Kai was telling his life story. But then he brought into account the soft tone Kai had used the entire time and the obvious pain that had been glistening in his eyes, and he knew Kai merely understood. He understood, because he’d lived through it as well.

“Y-yeah,” Uruha finally managed to rasp out after a few moments of staring at Kai in a combination of shock and understanding, “Sounds pretty familiar.”

Kai hummed and nodded his head, brushing some of his hair out of his face with one hand, while using the other to reach across Uruha and grab his flask from him. Without even asking for permission, he downed the rest of the flask’s contents and then handed it back to Uruha, “Now you understand why I denied serving you. I’ve seen how much you’ve had to drink already this evening, and I know from personal experience, it’s not worth it. Don’t hurt yourself more than you’ve already been hurt by him…”

Uruha smiled wryly, all whilst looking Kai over. Those smile lines he had convinced himself to find unappealing earlier now stood out as one of the younger’s defining features. “You know, just a little bit ago I wanted to strangle you, but now I kind of want to kiss you. It’s nice knowing I’m not the only person out there going through this bullshit.”

Kai chuckled and put his hand back on Uruha’s knee, his saddened expression now lit up with a backing of mischief. “Hmm, well, kissing to forget is definitely better than drinking to forget, that’s for sure. But, you want to know what’s even better than kissing?”

Uruha knew where this was going, and if Kai would’ve suggested something like this before he’d figured out just how deeply Kai related to him, he would’ve turned him away and told him to fuck off. But realizing Kai understood brought a lot to Uruha’s attention. Kai was young; he had the face of a youth with his deep chocolate curious eyes and tanned skin. He was young, but he’d gone through a lot and had come out of it alive, making him strong and all the more attractive. He reminded Uruha a lot of a young Reita, and it was that thought alone that made Uruha come to the conclusion that, no matter what Kai offered, he would be saying yes.

“Tell me, Kai,” Uruha started, a grin spreading across his lips when he felt Kai beginning to rub down his thigh and then back up to his knee, squeezing before starting to rub down his thigh again, getting closer and closer to a part of Uruha that hadn’t been touched by anyone else in quite some time, “What’s better than kissing?”

With a roguish glint in his eye, Kai leaned in close, sliding his hand down lower and gently squeezing Uruha through his pants as he pressed his lips to his ear and whispered, “You’re staying at the hotel tonight with the rest of the wedding party, right?”

“F-fuck, yes…” Uruha felt his eyes rolling into the back of his head; Kai’s touch felt amazing. It was making him forget about all the suffering he felt today and was bringing forth a desire in Uruha had thought no longer existed.

“Hmm, and do you have you own room?” Kai continued palming Uruha, nipping down his neck just hard enough to leave light bruises.

It was getting harder and harder for Uruha to think. Kai was already proving to work faster and much more efficient than alcohol. “Of course I do, I’m the best man…”

“Well then,” Kai licked a wet trail up Uruha’s neck, nipping on the lobe of his ear before pulling back with a knowing smirk, “Take me back to your room and I’ll happily show you what’s better than kissing…”


They barely made it out of the elevator before Uruha was grabbing Kai’s hand and sprinting down the hall. He was in room 1068, which happened to be at the end of the hall, and after an elevator ride up ten floors with Kai kissing on and touching random parts of his body, he was in more than a hurry to get into his room for the night and get Kai naked.

Kai giggled behind him as they made their way to the room, and when they finally came to a stop, Uruha slid a hand into his pants back pocket and pulled out a key card, his hands shaking with zeal as he tried to get the door open. He was so eager and worked up that it felt like his cock was trying to rip through his pants, but his shaky hands and prevented him from getting the door open, causing him to end up cursing under his breath and begin kicking the door.

Kai chuckled behind him and placed his hands on his hips, kissing down the back of his neck while pressing his erection against Uruha’s thigh. “Hmm, it’s kind of a huge turn on to know you want to fuck me this badly…” he took the key card from Uruha’s hands and leaned forward some more, making Uruha shudder at having such a hot, lean body pressed against him entirely. “Guess this means we better hurry on inside, eh?”

As if he was a professional, Kai slid the key card into the slot and managed to open the door within seconds, his weight against Uruha’s body sending Uruha stumbling into the room just slightly. After regaining his balance, Uruha turned to face Kai, and before he could say or do anything, Kai was throwing himself at him; smashing their lips together, tongues lewdly sliding over one another’s, Kai’s hands sliding up Uruha’s shirt, rubbing all over his stomach and then spreading out, ripping Uruha’s shirt open from underneath and sending buttons flying everywhere.

It was hot, it was electric, and Uruha found himself touching Kai back just as eagerly; rubbing on his hips and pulling him back towards the bed, groaning when he felt Kai tug on his hair to pull his head back some and deepen the kiss.

By the time Uruha finally tore off Kai’s black apron and managed to get the button of his pants open, Kai was pushing Uruha back onto the bed, and before Uruha could even manage to catch his breath, Kai was straddling his waist and kissing up from Uruha’s hips, past his belly button, until he eventually reached his nipples. Kai brought one into his mouth, swirling his tongue around the nub, and with the other one he twisted lightly and rubbed, making Uruha arch off the bed and groan, “F-fuck, you’re good.”

Kai pulled off of Uruha’s nipple with a wet pop, licking his lips and smiling contently. “I know. But now it’s time for you to show me how good you are.”

Uruha grinned and accepted the challenge, and within seconds he sprung up out of bed and rolled Kai over onto his back, pinning him down roughly. He raised a knee and teasingly rubbed it against Kai’s boxer covered cock, staring at Kai the entire time with a smirk and a set of intense eyes. Uruha knew based on the whimpers slipping from between Kai’s kiss swollen lips that he had Kai in his grasp, he knew he could snap his fingers and have Kai do whatever he asked on him. It was an invigorating feeling, and seeing Kai pinned down and at his mercy only served to turn Uruha on even more.

He began kissing down Kai’s jaw, making his way to his lips, whispering against them, “Hmm, what’s this?” he applied a bit more pressure to Kai’s cock with his knee, making Kai whimper and bury his face into the mattress. “Leaking already? My, my…you must really want me inside of you.”

“Y-yes…” Kai whimpered, burying his nails into Uruha’s shoulders, “That’s exactly what I want…”

“Oh, it is, is it?” Uruha asked with a raised brow, continuing to smirk as his hand slid under the elastic and down the length of Kai’s boxers, his pointer finger swirling at Kai’s entrance; poking and prodding but not pushing in, just enough to tease Kai and work him up all the more. “Tell me, exactly how do you want me, hmm?”

Kai’s face was growing more red by the minute, and Uruha wasn’t sure if it was because he was embarrassed or if he just really wanted this, but either way, it was making it all the more difficult to try and draw things out. He wanted Kai just as much as Kai wanted him.

“Rough. Hard. I don’t want to be able to walk tomorrow, that’s how I want you…”

The pure determination in Kai’s words sent a jolt of pulsing energy right to Uruha’s cock, heating up the rest of his body, and it was then Uruha knew there was no more teasing Kai; he had to have him right this instant.

He slammed their mouths back together and Kai didn’t hesitate to wrap his hands back in Uruha’s hair and kiss back with just as much force. Teeth clanking together, tongues tangling, it was messy and hot and hands were going in every direction possible. The more intense their interactions grew, the more it felt as if they were never going to get to the actual fucking. So when Uruha finally felt a travel size package of lube and a condom being slipped into his hand, he didn’t hesitate to break the kiss and get to work.

Uruha and Kai were panting as if they’d just run a marathon, there was sweat decorating every inch of their bodies, and their hair was clinging to their foreheads and necks. Uruha could have easily sat there and worshipped Kai’s body and whispered to him just how fuckable he looked, but instead he lubed up two fingers and slipped both of them into Kai, beginning to scissor them back and forth until Kai’s noises of slight discomfort turned into him begging for Uruha to hurry up and fuck him.

Two fingers soon turned into three, and, soon enough, Uruha was ripping his fingers out and sliding on the condom. “You ready?” he looked down at Kai with a smile, and Kai’s only answer was the wrap his arms around Uruha’s neck, bringing him down on top of him, and igniting another deep, wet kiss.

They kissed and kissed, Uruha’s hand sliding up and down Kai’s side, and once he was sure he had Kai purring like a kitten, Uruha reached down with his free hand and grabbed ahold of his cock, positioning it near Kai’s entrance, and then slid in without warning.

Kai broke the kiss, throwing his head back and letting out a pleased whine. Uruha took advantage of Kai’s exposed neck and began kissing a straight line down it, making sure to suck and gently nip on Kai’s Adams apple. Uruha had already began thrusting his hips in the slightest at this point in an attempt to work Kai up to what was to come, but Kai apparently wasn’t having it. He had told Uruha hard and fast and that’s exactly what he wanted, and he made sure to let Uruha know just that by digging his nails into his ass and pressing his lips against his ear, whispering, “Come on, Uruha, just because you’re an old man doesn’t mean you have to fuck like one. Harder.”

Uruha grinned. He’d show Kai just what this old man was capable of.

He pulled back as far as he could and then slammed back into Kai with force so hard that Kai yelped and tightened his arms around Uruha’s waist, needing something to hold onto in fear of going flying off the bed. When Uruha saw the way Kai was staring up at him with glossy, half lidded eyes, he knew this was exactly what Kai wanted.

With a smirk, he pulled back out and slammed back in just as hard, testing a new angle this time. He did this over and over again, listening to Kai’s screams of pleasure and enjoying the feel of such a tight, warm heat wrapped around him. Kai begged for more, encouraged Uruha to do his worst, and when Kai screamed so loud Uruha was sure his voice actually echoed throughout the room, he stared down at Kai with a victorious smile, pressing a kiss to his ear and whispering, “Think I just found my new target…”

Kai gulped and nodded his head, voice laced with rugged pleasure, “You sure as hell did…”

Things began to quickly unwind after that. Uruha pushed himself to ram into Kai’s prostate with each thrust, and, sure enough, he did. Kai was moaning and calling his name, leaving scratches down Uruha’s back and ass, biting into his neck and shoulder to try and mute himself some.

The tension from the long evening and the passionate connection they shared proved to be too much, and before long, Kai was coming, coating his stomach and his chin in come, and Uruha followed shortly after, collapsing on top of Kai and wrapping his arms around him snuggly while breathing deeply.

“Wow,” Kai was the first to speak up, his voice scratchy and rough, “that…was far more than I was expecting.”

Uruha chuckled and lifted his head, his tongue darting out and licking up some of the dribbles of come on Kai’s chin. He felt Kai shiver. “If you weren’t expecting a good fuck, then why did you bother offering?”

Kai shrugged his shoulders and smiled, “Like I told you earlier, I’m a nice guy. And you looked really upset and…I just felt bad for you, okay?”

“So…you slept with me, because you felt bad for me?”

“I guess you could say that.” Kai giggled as he pushed Uruha off of him and rolled over onto his stomach so he and Uruha were face to face, “but it’s also because I thought you were super handsome. And because I understood how you felt. But mainly because I thought you were handsome.”

Uruha laughed and reached out, resting a hand on the small of Kai’s back, rubbing gently, “Well, it’s nice to know someone finds me attractive.”

“Hmmm, that Reita guy is an idiot for not choosing you, that’s for sure. I bet he only went with that short guy because he’s at just the right height to give really good head.”

Uruha’s eyes widened and then he groaned and rolled over onto his side, placing a pillow over his face. “Why’d you have to say that? Now I’m going to imagine them going at it all evening and- fuck. There goes my post fuck bliss.”

Uruha felt Kai crawling around on the bed, and in a few seconds time, the pillow over his face was removed and Kai was smiling down at him. “Wanna know the best way to stop thinking about someone else getting head?”

Uruha knew where this was heading and, once again, he couldn’t contain a smile. He reached out and placed his hands on Kai’s naked hips, rubbing his thumbs across slightly protruding hip bones. “Are you going to be here to sex me up every time I get sad about Reita’s marriage and how he’ll never love me?”

“Hmm,” Kai tapped his chin and turned his head to the side, pursing his lips as if he were actually thinking heavily about his words, “I mean, if you want me to, I can be.”

“I think I’d like that,” Uruha began pulling Kai closer to him, sitting the younger man in his lap and burying his face into his neck, “I think I’d like that a lot.”

“Good, but you never answered my question. Do you wanna know the best way to stop thinking about someone else getting head or not?”

Uruha lifted his head from out of the crevice of Kai’s neck and raised a brow, smirking. “Why don’t you show me instead?”

Kai smiled and started sliding out of Uruha’s lap and onto the floor, and as Uruha felt his cock starting to get stroked and Kai’s tongue darting out to lap across his head, he started thinking that maybe, just maybe, Reita getting married wasn’t the end of the world.


Author's Note: HAPPY(late D:)BIRTHDAY, JENNY!!! You seem to be the only person who is able to get me writing lately, so I hope you enjoyed! I know everything is a bit rusty (as always :P) but I wanted to get this out for you before your birthday crawled any further away from me :P Thank you for being so sweet and an overall amazing person. The fandom needs more people like you! <33

Date: 2016-09-27 01:26 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
not the fan of smut.
i got the feeling.
how desperate uruha with his feeling.

and kai, he is so kind isnt he?

thank you for the fic.

im so glad you post this because i kind of missing you.

Date: 2016-09-28 03:22 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Poor Uru. It must be really hard watching the person you're in love with marry someone else. But I think Kai will definitely help ease his pain. (So long as he stops mentioning Reita and Ruki together! If you want a second round, Kai, just ask for it.) ^_^

Date: 2016-10-03 04:08 am (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
Just like LiveJournal, you are old and outdated. I'm happy you keep your works here, AO3 doesn't need to be tainted by your stories. Authors with real talent post there. Do us all a favor and purge your account.

Date: 2016-12-01 03:19 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Holy shiiiiiiitttt!! This was so so beautiful and angsty and i just gjakehkdjskd

I havent read tour works in a while but fuck, i love the scenario here, the broken hearted Uruha, longing and watching for someone whom he could never have and just ugh, staying by his side and not being selfish at all and just gahhhh, i felt my heart literally shatter at this fic and just woahhhhh gawd, i swear you are such an amazing author ♥♥♥

I totally love how you wrote this, the dwtails and all that, their personalities and just gosh, Kai is such a cutie I swear!! I totallh ADORE how you always write Kai ♥ I feel like, whenever I read fanfics from you, you always bring justice to Kai ♥ myadorablefavouritwdrummer ♥

Anyways, I love how Kai was so observant amd actually so caring about Uruha, I just wanna awwww at him cuz he's so perfect ya know? Ijustreallylovekaialot

And also woah woah woah woah!! I swear!! Every time I read new fics from you and you write smut you just get better and better and I just love your fanfics from bits to pieces like aaaaaaahhhhhhhhh everything is so perfect ♥

And tbh, Uruha being so excited of sex on the part where he cant even open the door LOL hularious af, Kai was such a cutie there ♥

Kai is just my fave okai? And I'm just so so happybto be able to read fsnfics from you ♥ i hope you write more Kai-centric fics cuz I totally ADORE your work ♥ Keep up writing! You're so awesome! ♥

Also ps: idk if my comment ended being weird cuz on phone and not used to commenting on phonw bur i just seruously couldn't contain myself and needed to comment ASAP ♥

Date: 2016-12-04 11:09 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
And here I am again, reading your stories with Kai in them! I have never, and I mean never, read a story with this pairing. I have never thought about them together but... I gotta admit I kind of like it. I like how possessive and passionate Uruha was in this, and Kai's personality was something I found very nice. I mean, he was annoying, of course, but that's why I liked him very much! And I must say that I absolutely love this age difference thing in fanfics! I bet Kai was much younger than Uruha but it didn't disturb me at all.

I felt sad for Uruha because he had to watch the man he loved getting married. But sometimes life is like that, luckily Kai was there comforting him. The ending was such a cliffhanger, and made me want to read more! ;-; I'd like to know what happened to them; did they continue having sex occasionally, did they fall in love with each other or what. I'm hopeful; I'd really like to read a sequel to this! If you ever decide to write that, I will thank you many times in my future comment :>

And the smut, it was perfect! Even during sex Kai was being a little bit annoying but I bet it only made Uruha want him more and more. I really don't know what to say, I just liked this very much! The atmosphere was sad at first but then very sensual and sexy. I definitely loved Kai and his annoying comments XD Waah you make me love Kai even more in fanfics! But thank you so much for sharing this here! <3

Date: 2017-04-02 12:18 pm (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
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