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Title: Him - Part Two
Chapter: Oneshot
Author: [ profile] bite_to_all136
Genre: AU, Drama, Supernatural, Subtle Comedy
Overall Warnings: Language, Smutty situations, Violence
Rating: R
Band(s): the GazettE
Pairings/Characters: Kai & Ruki, mentioned Aoi & Mizuki, Reita & Ruki
Summary: Ruki awakes in the arms of a stranger who he cannot seem to forget.
Notes: Dedicated to the lovely [ profile] sarky_chepooka. Love you, girlie! Hope this gives you some proper OTP feels <3
Disclaimer: I do not own the characters, only the mediocre story line.

Him - Part Two

In a blink of an eye, Ruki was back in the hotel room that he found himself silently slipping out of weeks beforehand. Kai had instructed him to sit on the bed as he walked over to the mini bar the room had to offer and filled two wine glasses to the brim. One of those two glasses were soon being pushed into Ruki’s hand with what he could only describe as elegance, and the other one Kai placed on the night stand. Ruki didn’t hesitate to press the rim to his lips and take a measured sip.

Before he could even fully swallow the first sip of his bittersweet drink, he found familiar lips dancing down his neck, followed by hands making their way down his chest and stomach, beginning to unbutton his shirt from bottom to top.

“My, my, Kai,” he chuckled, feeling shivers rake through his body from head to toe, “you certainly don’t like to take things slow, do you?”

“No, I don’t.” Kai’s voice was already laced with arousal, sending waves of heat throughout Ruki’s entire body. “And neither do you, Ruki-kun.”

The final button to his top was opened, strong warm hands touching every available inch of his pale skin making his head tilt back and mouth open, a soft gasp of approval encouraging Kai to touch more; feel more. It was a sound that told Kai he could do whatever he wanted to Ruki’s body, and Ruki would agree.

Lips soon replaced hands, Kai kissing his way down from Ruki’s collarbones all the way down to his belly button, and then back up again. He switched between long suctions and careful nips, Ruki sure his skin was going to be colorfully decorated in the best of ways by morning.

When he felt those moist lips wrap around one of his nipples, he felt his hips thrust up on their own accord, a deceitful moan escaping his plush lips. “Kai, please…”

“Please what, Ruki-kun?” He kissed across his chest, Ruki feeling his breathing speed up as those lips began to tease his other nipple.

Ruki groaned. “You already know what I want, just fucking give it to me.”

All movements came to a pause immediately after that, and when Ruki forced his eyes open and tilted his head back up, he found those dark eyes staring at him, a devious curl across Kai’s lips. “Whatever you wish, Ruki-kun…”

Before Ruki could even register, Kai’s hand was back on his chest, pushing him down onto the mattress so Ruki was flat on his back. The motion had come out of nowhere, making Ruki lose his grip on reality, as well as the hold he had on the glass in his hand. Deep crimson wine spilt sporadically over the covers, but most of it ended up on Ruki himself.

“Hmm, how delectable, Ruki-kun. Thank you for giving me such a treat…”

Ruki gasped aloud and his hands tangled in Kai’s hair when he felt the smoldering man’s tongue begin to lick up and down his entire torso, lapping up all the spilt wine he could. Kai hummed against his stomach, making Ruki feel desirable, making him feel worshipped.

He was almost certain from the pleased growls Kai was releasing that he was the most delicious thing he had ever tasted.

Kai’s lips continued north, and before Ruki could take in a proper breath of air, Kai was smashing their lips together with nothing but vigor. Sloppy. Hungry. Desperate.

Absolutely fucking fantastic.

It was a heated kiss, no doubt about that. But it was only a kiss, and already Ruki could feel his cock leaking, dampening the front of his boxers.

He could taste the wine and previous drinks on Kai’s tongue. He could even taste himself on Kai and it was enough to have him wanting to reach down and begin to touch himself. He was sick of foreplay, he wanted the real thing.

And as much as he wanted to break the kiss and tell Kai to fuck him as hard as he possibly could, Ruki also never wanted this kiss to end. It put him in a world of bliss and freedom he has never once experienced. Comparing it to cloud nine couldn’t even begin to justify how much pleasure Kai’s lips and tongue were able to bring him.

It was as if Kai’s kisses and touches could provoke and fulfil each and every one of Ruki’s sexual fantasies; he felt it should be forbidden.

Which, in a sense, it was.

Kai was the one who eventually broke the kiss, only so he could pull off his shirt and pants, tossing them to a random corner of the room before getting to work on Ruki’s. He continued to leave rough kisses all along Ruki’s body as he stripped him down, and Ruki felt himself flush more than once; those mysterious eyes trained on his body, lust and desire dancing through them making him want to take Kai home and tie him to his bed so he could keep him forever.

They remained silent, their eyes never once breaking apart. That hypnotized feeling was taking over Ruki again, and Kai’s stare alone was able to make him feel so unbelievably good that it wasn’t until Kai was three fingers deep inside of him did Ruki find himself calling out.

“Fuck!” Kai’s fingers continued to curl and stretch against that special bundle of nerves, making Ruki breathe harder and faster, a light sweat beginning to decorate every inch of his body.

“No, Ruki-kun. Not fucking yet,” Kai chuckled, nipping Ruki’s ear lobe, “but no worries, that’ll come real soon…and so will you.”

Ruki could hear the grin in Kai’s voice, and he would be lying if he didn’t admit it made him smile in a way he hadn’t in years.

A thought that was almost enough to break him out of his world of euphoria.

All too soon, Kai was pulling out his fingers and wiping them on the sheets, making Ruki whine. However, that whine soon transformed into a full on groan; Kai’s fingers having been replaced by his throbbing cock in less than a heartbeat.

“H-holy fuck, Kai…”

Kai was perfect. He was literally everything Ruki has ever looked for in a partner. His looks, his suave personality, even the way he thrust that beyond large of his cock of his. He was Ruki’s literal dream man, and Ruki cannot even begin to register why it way he was so unlucky to find him so late in life.

Because he knew, no matter what, this had to be the last time he ever saw Kai again.

Had to be.

There was no gentle start to things this time. Kai began thrusting at a maddening fast pace, causing his hips to slam together with Ruki’s, making Ruki smile. More bruises for him to remember this special night by.

Kai angled everything just right, and Ruki found himself calling his name out over and over against, screaming it from the top of his lungs and enabling himself to peep his eyes open every now and again; seeing that look of smug accomplishment across Kai’s handsome features turning him on all the more.

His legs wrapped around Kai’s waist, and his blunt nails dug into his back, leaving ravenous marks in their path and making Ruki feel accomplished.

Kai left his marks on him, and now he was giving Kai something to remember him by in return.

“Ruki-kun…” it was a gruff whisper to his ear, Ruki able to hear Kai was just as close as he was, “Open your eyes, Ruki-kun…I want you looking at me when you come…”

It was as if he didn’t even have a choice. Kai’s calm demand had Ruki’s eyes fluttering open in mere seconds, and when their contrasting pairs met again for the hundredth time this evening, Ruki’s mind canceled everything out around him. There was no hotel room, no bed. No nothing. Just Kai fucking him hard and deep, bringing him immeasurable amounts of pleasure.

Kai. Kai. Kai.

Once more, his world was only Him.

Ruki’s release hit him more suddenly than he was expecting, a guttural moan pressing passed his lips as he came hard enough to decorate his stomach and part of his chin and lips. He felt like a fish out of water, gasping for breath and trying to bring himself back to reality. But Kai didn’t seem to take any of that into consideration, because he dipped his head and brought Ruki into another messy kiss, making the petite man swallow his groan as he came deep inside of him.

Even when Ruki caught his breath and came back down from his high, he didn’t seem to mind the fact that he realized just how much he’d fucked up. Unprotected sex with a stranger was something major.

Especially given his situation.

But, he didn’t care.

Because Kai was perfect.

He was worth it.

“Ruki-kun?” Kai spoke up after collapsing to the side of Ruki, wrapping one arm around him and playing with his hair with his other free hand.

“Hmm?” Ruki was far too relaxed to answer properly, already feeling sleep take over; his world blackening out before him.

“You do realize this means you’re mine forever now, yes?”

Before Ruki could answer, a brief kiss was pressed to his lips, rendering him unconscious.


To his surprise, in the morning when Ruki awoke, Kai was gone.

Last night felt as if it was a dream, but Ruki could tell by al the aches and pains he was experiencing that wasn’t the case at all. But, he didn’t mind. It was the good kinds of aches and pain.

He crawled out of bed, feeling a bit disappointed, but relieved all at the same time. He could take his time and find his belongings today, he didn’t have to worry about tiptoeing around and waking Kai up. Or possibly jumping back into bed with him again for one last round.

Searching the room was relatively easy on this early morning, and in no time Ruki found himself dressed and standing in front of the full length mirror, adjusting his clothing so he didn’t look like complete trash.

Yawns seemed to be coming at a rapid pace, and he felt more sluggish than usual, but he knew that was to be expected after a night of drinking and mind blowing sex. He just hoped he could hide these extensive bags under his eyes; he looked like the walking dead.

Once he stepped out of the hotel room and began his walk into the city, he followed his routine of stopping for a coffee and taking the corner booth. He sipped on his coffee for a good 15 minutes and replied back to some emails on his phone before he heard the cafe’s bell ding and someone slide into the seat in front of him.

“It’s about goddamn time, Aoi. You’re late.” He looked up from his cell phone, seeing Aoi eyeing him with concern, “What?”

“You just…you look rugged, man. Did you hook up with the same guy from a few weeks ago?” Ruki nodded his head, making Aoi snort, “I can tell. He must literally fuck all the energy out of you, huh? You look drained.” He reached across the table and grabbed Ruki’s coffee from him, starting to take deep gulps of it. Ruki glared.

“I spit in that, just to let you know.” Aoi looked disgusted for a mere second, only to shrug his shoulders and go back to drinking it, making Ruki roll his eyes. Aoi was his friend, but he truly was a pig in every sense. “Anyway, I already texted Mizuki for you, so you’re in the clear. Have you texted Rei?”

“Of course I texted Reita. What kind of friend do you think I am?” Aoi paused for a moment, putting his hand in the air, “Actually, don’t answer that. I have a sneaking suspicion your answer will only upset me.”

Ruki just sighed, “You’re an idiot and I’m really not in the mood for your shit, so let’s get right down to business. I told Mizuki you were in my office with me all night, helping me sort out some last minute publishing contracts. What did you tell Rei?”

“That you stopped by my place after work for a beer, and it kind of turned into a beer too many. Guess it was a pretty convincing lie considering how shitty you look.”

Ruki’s brows narrowed and he stood from the booth, smacking Aoi on the back of his head, “I’m leaving now. You should, too. Or maybe I’ll text your little Mizu-kun and tell him where you actually were.”

“You wouldn’t dare.” Aoi gasped, following Ruki out of the café.

All it took was Ruki looking back at Aoi with arched brows and a knowing look for Aoi to start walking towards his apartment building with his head hung low, knowing Ruki had defeated him.


It was half an hour later that Ruki walked through the front door to his apartment. He was more than ready to take a long bath and soak for hours, wanting nothing more than to waste the remainder of the day, reliving the blissful fantasy that was last night in his head.

His original reasons for tracking down Kai seemed to come to a stop. No more random glimpses of the handsome man, and based in last night, no more erotic dreams. It was as if that last fuck was the end all to every problem he had. And even if it was a bittersweet end, he was glad his and Kai’s short lived relationship had met its demise.

Ruki’s heart was taken, after all.

“Ruki? You home?”

Reita’s soft concerned voice made a small smile appears on Ruki’s lips. Six years. Six years he has had the honor of being with him. Ruki knows he had made countless mistakes while with Reita, last night proved just that. But he also knows that no matter how badly he has fucked up, he loved Reita with all his heart, just as Reita loved him.

The diamond engagement ring Ruki was currently slipping out of his back pocket and onto his finger proved just that.

“Hey, Rei.” He walked up to him, pressing their lips together in a chaste kiss. “Sorry, I know I’m looking a little rough. Aoi brought out the beer and hard liquors. Let me go wash up real quick and then we can start discussing the seating arrangements, okay?”

“Babe, no. You look exhausted,” Reita grabbed Ruki’s hand, lacing their fingers together and pulling his fiancé flush against him. “All that wedding stuff can wait another day. Besides, I have something more important to talk to you about.”

The confusion on Ruki’s features was apparently beyond obvious, because all Reita did was chuckle and press a kiss to Ruki’s temple.

“Babe, I know between working on your next book and planning this wedding, you’re completely drained. I know you need the extra helping hand, even if you’re too selfish to admit it. So, as your editor and fiance’, I went ahead and did something for you.”

Before Ruki could open his mouth to even begin to form words, Reita was dragging him into the kitchen, a megawatt smile across his lips.

Ruki could tell Reita was proud at whatever he had accomplished for him, but Ruki? Ruki was feeling…sick.

His stomach was churning in that unruly yet pleasurable heat. His vision was beginning to blacken and his thoughts were occupied with one man and one man only. Fragments of memories from last night were running through his mind; Kai, Kai, Kai on his mind again.

He felt ready to explode; seeing the man once more on the walls he passed as they walked into the kitchen. He could feel arousal building in himself for no reason, and he wanted nothing more than to run back to that hotel room and hope to find Kai back in bed, waiting for him.

But instead, Ruki got one better.

For when Reita opened the door to the kitchen, Ruki’s heart stopped and his entire body went numb.

Because there He was; there Kai was, sitting at his kitchen table, wearing a suit and tie and looking more handsome than ever.

Reita put his hands on Ruki’s shoulders, squeezing them, and then lifted a hand and pointed towards the table. “Babe, meet Kai. Your new assistant. I’ve been interviewing people for weeks and no one seemed right for you. But then Kai here answered my ad a few days ago, and I dunno, he seemed so…so…what’s the word I’m looking for?”

“Perfect?” Ruki answered, his wide eyes trained on Kai, looking on in complete disbelief as Kai smiled wide at him.

“Yeah, that’s it! Perfect. He’s organized, will be able to tell you what’s what, and he seems like an overall friendly guy. I think he’s going to make you work load a lot easier to handle. Kai, come on, man. Stand up and properly introduce yourself to your new boss.”

Kai did as instructed, standing from his seat and adjusting his suit before walking up to Ruki, invading his personal space by stepping close. He grabbed Ruki’s small hand in his own, shaking it professionally and offering Ruki that self-satisfied smirk.

“Hello, Ruki-kun. It’s an honor to meet you. I have a good feeling about our partnership, it’s going to last a long time. Maybe even…forever.”

Ruki couldn’t think or move; he was numb in every aspect.

Every aspect except one, that is.

Because his mind was still churning out that same tedious chant.




And the moment he watched Kai’s eyes flicker to that hazy white shade once more, Ruki realized something.

He was obsessed.

He needed Kai

He was his.



Author's Note: Weeeell, I still hate writing smut, shocker, I know :P But I wanted to get this done and out of the way ASAP so I can try forcing myself to work on my MCs again...and by MCs I mean Unseen Solitaire :P

Definitely liked part one better than part two....a lot :P

Oh, and in case I didn't get my point across well enough, yes, Kai is an incubus. This is the seconds time I've written him as one, and each time I do I always have an ass load of fun lol. Smug Kai is fuuun, guys :p
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