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Title: Him - Part One
Chapter: Oneshot
Author: [ profile] bite_to_all136
Genre: AU, Drama, Supernatural, Subtle Comedy
Overall Warnings: Language, Smutty situations, Violence
Rating: R
Band(s): the GazettE
Pairings/Characters: Kai & Ruki
Summary: Ruki awakes in the arms of a stranger who he cannot seem to forget.
Notes: Dedicated to the lovely [ profile] sarky_chepooka. Love you, girlie! Hope this gives you some proper OTP feels <3
Disclaimer: I do not own the characters, only the mediocre story line.

Him - Part One

He crawled out of bed with nothing but care, a shiver going throughout his entire body as his bare feet hit the cool wooden floor. Every little noise seemed amplified in the narrow motel room, and Ruki was doing his best not to wake the man beside him.

It was early, the sun not even up yet and the street lights still shining bright in through the shutters. He felt his heart flutter a bit as the mattress springs popped and groaned in protest at each movement; the vibrations of the subtle movements echoing to even his own ears. It took everything in him, but he finally managed to find his boxers and slip into them, the next steps of finding his shirt and jeans proving much more troublesome in the unorganized room.

After a long few moments of carefully digging through the rubbage on the floor, he found exactly what he was looking for. Well, at least pieces of what he had been looking for. His shirt was absolutely destroyed, Ruki positive the pasties servers sported at the club last night provided more coverage than his tattered white tee now could. He picked up the remaining material, running the shredded cotton through his fingers and feeling his eyes widen. He knew their drunken hands had been in a hurry to get each other naked and into bed, but he hadn't realized they had been this desperate. It appeared as if a wild animal had ripped his clothing right from his body; ravenous claw marks decorating the back and the front ripped open in one smooth tear.

Another shiver went through his body. He could tell just by looking at the man he'd been with last night that he was strong. And by the time they had been on their way to this dingy motel room, Ruki had felt his agility in action; having been lifted off his feet in one fell swoop, his back pressed against the wall of the elevator and legs tangled around the stranger's hips as their tongues meshed together with need, their cocks grinding together making Ruki's body feel like it was on fire.

He groaned internally at last night's revelation. This wasn't who he was. This wasn't what he did. Contrary to popular belief, he was what most would consider a good boy. Sure, he had fucked almost half of his graduating class during his senior year of high school, but that was in the past.

He didn’t do this kind of shit anymore.

He didn’t believe in hooking up with complete strangers.

He didn’t believe in messing around.

Until last night, that was.

Brushing off those heinous thoughts, he continued to find the rest of his clothing scattered all across the room, picking each article up piece by piece and slowly sliding into it.

A glance back towards the bed brought random flashes from last night to the front of his mind, Ruki remembering all too well the flirty gestures that had been offered to him from across the club. Sultry eyes dark as coal, long blond hair falling in decadent waves. The subtle tilt of his head and that know it all smirk as he waved at him. Cocky and well aware of his worth. It was as if the man knew he had been far superior to everyone else in the room, as if he believed himself to be some other worldly deity. And whereas that cunning attitude would’ve turned a majority of people off, it’s what dragged Ruki in.

A blink of the eyes and he broke himself away from thoughts of last night, knowing he had to get out before his unnamed partner for the night awoke.

It was alarming to realize he had been enticed so easily, and that wasn’t something he wanted to risk happening again. One glance at those enchanting mocha eyes and he knew he would be in bed with that enticing stranger again in a heartbeat. So instead of taking a chance, Ruki gathered up the remains of all of his belongings and left; pretending as if this entire night had never gone down.


A week passed, and Ruki still couldn’t shrug off his night of rendezvous. Everything had been perfect, too perfect. Over the years, more than a handful of long term partners have been in his life, but never, not even once before, have any of those men known how to touch his body the way the man from last week had. He knew exactly what he wanted, fucked him the exact way he loved to be fucked. Rubbing on his hips, giving it to him slow but rough, marking his body everywhere he could. It had been complete bliss, and more than anything, as much as he wished to forget that night, he wanted to relive it.

Everywhere he looked he saw that smug handsome face. Reflected in mirrors, on his laptop screen at work. Sometimes he even imagined he could feel the man breathing down his neck, those strong arms wrapping around him and pulling him close. It was to the point where Ruki was so distracted by thoughts of his perfect stranger that he found himself barely functioning. Typically, something new and exciting would give him motivation. He could use that thrill to write pages worth of pages in his new work of fiction. But what he had experienced last week? It was almost like it haunted him.

When he was awake.

When he was asleep.

No matter where he was, he was there.


Ruki suffered these too realistic of illusions and breath taking dreams for far too long. He was beginning to grow tired of waking up every morning in a pile of his sweat and come; of having to tear off his sheets and walk them down to the laundry room of his complex, feeling like an ashamed teenaged boy experiencing wet dreams for the first time.

He was tired of feeling as if he was constantly being followed, as if he had an over exaggerated sixth sense that aided in his odd mixture of paranoia and hope.

He was just tired.

And so, he decided he was going to do something about it.

Pulling out his cell phone, he clicked one of the first contacts listed in his phone and typed out a quick message.

Are you free from work tonight? Kind of want to go back to that club we went to a while back.

Pick you up at 8.

Just as he said he would, Aoi arrived exactly at 8; not a minute later nor sooner. He was dressed in all black head to toe, looking sleek and clean. His usual stubble was shaven, making his face look nice and fresh, and his long hair was pulled back into a low pony tail, allowing his sharp jaw line to shine in all its glory.

Handsome best described him, and that's exactly what Ruki needed. He knew with how Aoi was presenting himself he wasn't planning to stick by his side all night, he knew that at some point during the night Aoi would eventually leave him in order to find his chase for the night.


That meant Ruki would have more than enough time to himself to find his daunting little mystery man.

He sipped on his glass of ice water, not allowing a single drop of alcohol to come near his lips. He didn’t want anything to cloud his judgement this time; he didn’t want his ability to resist to be weakened.

“Yo, Ru. I’m heading up to the bar, you sure you don’t want anything real to drink?” Aoi asked, pointing at Ruki’s pure choice of beverage.

Ruki’s brows narrowed, almost meeting in the middle of his forehead. “This is a real drink, asshat. See,” he shoved his glass towards Aoi’s face, close enough that his dark haired friend flinched back a bit, “There’s ice, there’s liquid, and it’s all in a cup. It’s a fucking drink.”

Aoi raised his hands up in defeat, lowering them with caution down onto Ruki’s and pushing them away, “Chill, Ru, chill. I was only fucking around with you.” He chuckled, looking Ruki over as he stood from his seat, “You sure you’re okay? You’ve seemed real tense all night.”

“I’m fine.”

“You sure about that?”


“Oh, there’s the Ruki bitch face, I know not to fuck with that. See ya later, enjoy your night~.”

With a smile and a small salute, Aoi was off; Ruki watching his friend make the way to the bar. Once Aoi had a drink in hand, he disappeared into the crowd of people, and Ruki’s real search began.

Dark mismatched eyes traveled from left to right, up and down, trying to find even a single clue. He had to be here. Ruki doesn’t know why he believed he would find his haunting stranger here, but somewhere deep down in his bones he could actually feel his presence.

Goosebumps popped up on his arms and legs the more he thought of Him, and even though he was beginning to get frustrated at his fruitless efforts in his search, he could feel certain regions of his body beginning to heat up. His heart was pounding and a cold sweat was beginning, his stomach beginning to twist in the most pleasurable of ways.

It was as if those forbidden dreams of nightly lust had become a reality he couldn’t escape.

Frightening, yet invigorating.

Desirable and addicting.

The cluster of sudden longing his body was experiencing became too much in just a short period of time, causing his search to come to a halt. At the moment he wanted to get out of here, to get a breath of fresh air and nothing more.

Finding Him could wait a bit longer.

Hopping out of his booth, Ruki grabbed his phone and wallet, shoving them back into his pocket and heading for the exit. However, before the two double wide doors could make it into his line of vision, he collided head on with someone in front of him; the scent of fresh rain and sandal wood attacking his senses – those goosebumps spreading from head to toe and heat rising.

“My, my Ruki-kun. It certainly is nice to see you again…”

Ruki’s heart froze as strong hands squeezed his petite shoulders and warm breath passed by his ear. Without even looking up to come face to face with his block in his path to freedom, he knew he’d unintentionally ran into exactly who he was looking for.

Swallowing down that schism of fear he felt, he looked up, offering a fake confident smile; shivering as those mystical dark mocha eyes pierced into him. “What do you know, just the man I’ve been looking for. By the way, our mouths were doing everything but talking the last time I saw you, so it would be kind of nice to actually get your name.”

A half grin appeared on his stranger’s lips; that cocky attitude that had drawn Ruki in last time they were together oozing through the other man’s body and making him feel weak in the knees. “Tell you what, Ruki-kun. Follow me, allow me to purchase you a drink, and I’ll happily tell you my name. Promise.”

“Is your name that terrible you can only offer it to me after boozing me up?” Ruki challenged in return, arching a brow and crossing his arms over his chest, trying to create some form of distance between him and the man before him.

The taller of the two chuckled low and deep, bending to press his lips to Ruki’s ear and whisper, “Trust me, doll face, I don’t care if you drink what I order for you or not. I just want you out of the middle of the damn club where everyone can see you…”

“Oh, really now?” Ruki continued his charade of calm and relaxed, even though second by second, his heart beat was increasing and he found his thoughts wandering more and more over to his sexual side. “That means you’re either ashamed of being seen with me, or you’re really possessive of me. Which is it, hmm?”

Warm lips pressed against his ear again and strong arms wrapped around him, squeezing his ass hard and pulling their bodies flush against each other. “…I think you know the answer to that, Ruki-kun. Now, follow me…”

The tight grip on his body was released, and before Ruki could form even a single syllable at the tip of his tongue, his angel blond stranger was stepping to the side of him and walking towards the bar, leaving him standing there and gasping deeply, attempting to gulp down all the air he possibly could. Ruki not even aware he’d been holding his breath this entire time.

When he had finally gotten his breathing under control, he didn’t even hesitate to turn on his heels and head in the very direction He had just walked off in. Ruki’s initial reasoning behind tracking this man down was nowhere in sight now. Because now all he wanted was to be with him all over again. He didn’t care about the illusions and vivid nightmares, he didn’t care about finding a solution to all his problems.

Right now, all he wanted was sex, sex, sex. And if there was one thing he was positive of in life, it was the fact that he knew he was going to get just that.

In no more than five minutes, Ruki found himself sitting at a private booth with Him, the two of them sitting close enough that their arms and legs were grazing one another with each and every movement, nothing but suggestive touches passing between them.

Ruki felt high on lust, every inch of his body on high alert in knowing how much he wanted this again. However, even through it all, he was able to force himself to focus for short durations, and as his finger swirled around his second glass of poison, he found himself resting his head on his stranger’s chest, enticing him with a sweet upturn of lips. “You said you’d tell me your name after you bought me a drink; this is the second drink you’ve bought for me. I think it’s safe to say you owe me both your first and last at this point…”

“Oh, I think I owe you much more at this point, Ruki-kun…” a suggestive smile appeared on His lips, followed by a hand sliding across Ruki’s thigh, squeezing. “But for now, I’ll follow through on my promise.” Lips traveled up Ruki’s neck as that hand on his thigh began swirling circles, heating his body up more than ever imaginable; making him feel things he has only ever dreamt of. And when those lips pressed to his ear again, Ruki couldn’t help but gasp, earning him another chuckle from his stranger; a chuckle which soon turned into a husky whisper, “Kai. My name’s Kai.”

That was all Ruki really needed to hear. Because the moment those four little words were out, he felt the resistance he had been forcing on himself finally snap, allowing him to wrap his hands in Kai’s hair and smash their lips together; willingly opening his mouth for that talented tongue without hesitation.

It was all gliding tongue, teeth, and lewd moans. Kai’s hand traveled up Ruki’s shirt and teased a nipple with a rough pinch, smiling into the heated kiss as he heard Ruki whimper and press his body closer to his. It was a dizzying heat on Ruki’s part; the too perfect of a kiss and erotic touches forcing him to crawl into Kai’s lap in a straddle, moaning as he grinded his ass against him and felt Kai’s rock hard cock brush against him.

He heard Kai chuckle into the kiss, followed by his arms wrapping around him, hands traveling down and squeezing his ass just enough to make Ruki break the kiss and mutter, “F-fuck. Kai, we-”

“Don’t even say anything, doll. I know what you want…”

Kai’s hand came to rest on Ruki’s cheek, thumb gliding back and forth over his tinted pink cheek bone. Ruki found himself leaning into the touch, staring right into those dark mocha eyes and feeling hypnotized. The sounds of the club all around him slowly faded out, the lights began to dim, and in that moment all he could see, breathe, and hear is Kai.


“Shhh, shhh. Ruki-kun, focus…” Focus on what, Ruki wasn’t sure. But he found himself staring deeper into those enchanting eyes, watching as the color morphed from brown to a full hazy white. Kai placed a chaste kiss to his lips, that seeming to be the last step to put Ruki completely under his spell. “Now, follow me. We’re going to go have some fun…”


Author's Note: Weeeelp, I wasn't planning on posting this till I had part two completely finished, but I'm currently in need of some positive vibes in my life, and I figured LJ would be the best place for that :P Hope you guys enjoyed! I know not much was given away here in the first part, but go ahead and speculate in the comments as to what you think is going to happen next (besides sexy times ;3) if you'd like! [ profile] sarky_chepooka, you probably kind of know where this is heading, so, shhh :P

I'm going to try and have the next part of before Halloween! (I know that's a looong way away, but with how I've been updating, it'll be a miracle if I have it up before then lol.)
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