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Title: Unraveling Deceptions
Chapter: 07/??
Author: [ profile] bite_to_all136
Genre: AU, Action Adventure, Angst, Romance
Warnings: inappropriate language, slight mentions of blood and guns, hinted sexual situations
Rating: NC-17 (overall)
Pairings/Characters: Aoi & ?, Kai & ?, Reita & Kai, Tora & Kai (Pairings to be revealed as fic goes on)
Fandom(s): the Gazette, Alice Nine, Dir en Grey, Nocturnal Bloodlust
Summary: There was only one rule to follow and he had just broken it.
Disclaimer: I do not own the characters, only the mediocre story line.

Previous Chapter(s): (Prologue)(Chapter One)(Chapter Two)(Chapter Three)(Chapter Four)(Chapter Five)(Chapter Six)

Chapter Seven

An aggravated hiss made its way through Kai’s clenched teeth as a dainty finger continued to poke and prod at his neck. His hands clamped into the rumpled sheets of his bed and he forced himself to bite back another complaint, not willing to chance getting another reprimanding scowl from the petite techie currently sat on the stool placed in between his legs.

“Ru, are you almost done? I really need to get go-”

“If you were to stop bitching and groveling, I would’ve been done about an hour ago. Stop. Moving. I need to blend everything just right in order to pass this off as legit.”

Kai sighed and leaned back in bed a little, which only warranted him a slap on the thigh from blond. “I told you to stop moving.”

“I still don’t get why the makeup is necessary-”

“Seriously, Kai? Do we have to go over this again?” Ruki’s brows furrowed as he continued his work, “These bruises that asshole oh so kindly graced you with during your training will make you stick out like a sore thumb over in Mongolia. You’re already going to be a foreigner, you don’t need to attract any more attention. The whole mission will go to shit before it has even started if any officials suspect you of something before you and asshat can get anywhere near the prison. So just shut up and let me do my thing, kay? Kay. I’m almost done.”

Ruki’s bony fingers continued to dance and smooth their way down Kai’s neck, applying a mixture of concealer and powder, caking it on and hiding every inch of bruised and battered skin. Words Kai couldn’t really register were mumbled through the blond techie’s full lips, and when Kai made the brave risk to lower his eyes and look down at the techie, he found Ruki’s entire face pinched into a beyond concentrated expression, making him laugh. “Ru, you’re taking applying some damn makeup to my neck way too seriously.”

“I wouldn’t have to take it so seriously if these stupid bruises weren’t so deep. I swear, they’ve gotten even darker since this morning…”

Kai’s entire body went rigid at Ruki’s words, and now more than ever he was grateful that when Ruki committed himself to a task, he stayed beyond focused on that task and nothing else. Because that meant he wouldn’t notice Kai’s sudden change in body language; how he’d gone from relaxed to fearful in mere seconds.

Because it was true, the bruises were darker than this morning.

But it probably wasn’t for the reason Ruki was thinking.

Forcing himself to laugh some, Kai unclenched his hand from the sheets and placed it over the hand Ruki was currently using to blend. “Ru…they’re just bruises. They tend to get darker before they get better.” They also tended to get darker when just a few hours before, Tora’s mouth was sucking on his neck like a vampire while he pounded him into his desk, but Kai decided to keep that bit of information to himself. “Besides, Ru…this makeup, it’ll last what, maybe a day? We’re going to be staking out the prison for half a month, so sorry you wasted your time, but it’s kind of pointless.”

The movements on his neck came to an abrupt stop, and when Kai looked down he found Ruki staring up at him with a light gleam of haze surrounding those magnificent ocean blue’s. His face had paled and the obvious reddening around his eyes and the tip of his nose allowed Kai to figure that Ruki was indeed holding back tears.

“It’s not pointless.” Ruki spoke up softly, “If it’ll somehow keep you from standing out for even just a single day, then it’s not pointless. Because the less you stick out, the more likely you are to remain safe…”

The sincerity in Ruki’s voice at the moment both warmed Kai’s heart and sent a spike through it all at the same time. Because Kai knew if he were to close his eyes and listen to Ruki’s words all over again, he could easily imagine Reita in his place.

“Ru,” he sat up straight, lacing his fingers together with Ruki’s with one hand and cupping the side of his face with the other, “I’ve been sent on far more dangerous missions than this and have come back in one piece. Grabbing this guy from his cell? It’s going to be a walk through the park. Training with Shiroyama was more dangerous than this, so please…don’t worry about me. I’m going to be fine.”

Kai dipped his head, pressing a kiss to the crown of Ruki’s head and then bringing him into a hug, feeling Ruki’s arms wrap around him just as snuggly as the techie whispered, “Just promise me you’ll come back, Kai. With Rei gone, you’re all I have left…”

Kai’s arms tightened around Ruki even more, this time pressing a kiss to his ear and speaking softly, “I promise, Ru…promise.”

Their embrace lasted longer than it should have, and eventually Kai had to pull himself away from Ruki. He stood from the bed and grabbed the bag he had packed earlier, clothing and the weapons he’d picked up from the artillery room both inside. Turning back towards Ruki, he offered the blond one last sincere look and ruffled his hair as he always did, noticing how the young techie forced himself to smile, knowing that would clear Kai’s conscious and allow him to focus more fully during the mission rather than wonder if he was doing okay.

“Watch after Rei for me while I’m gone, okay?”

Ruki scoffed and knocked Kai’s hand out of his hair, turning his back on him in an attempt to hide the tears in his eyes. “He’s my older brother, Kai, he’s supposed to be watching after me.” A wry chuckle, “But no worries, I’ll visit with that idiot every day until you’re back. Now get going, I don’t need that Shiroyama asshole shooting you in the leg or what not for being late.”

Kai knew Ruki was right, he knew he had to get going right this very second in order to make it to the plane on time. But still, that didn’t stop him from reaching out and ruffling Ruki’s hair one last time, able to see a small smile spread across Ruki’s lips from his reflection in the window.

“Take care, Ru…see you soon.”

Not willing to risk one more glance at the techie’s somber expression, Kai hitched a right and headed out of the room, taking off in a light jog across the compound.

After walking at least two football length fields across the compound, Kai finally made it to the gated runway where the plane would be taking off at any second. The engines were already running and Daichi stood at the bottom of the steps that connected to the entrance, smiling wide at Kai and waving him down.

“It’s about time you made it here, Agent Uke!” Daichi called out cheerfully, patting Kai on the back as he walked passed him, starting to climb the steps to the plane and continuing to chat, “Thought we were going to have to leave without you.”

Kai sat in the first empty seat he saw as he boarded the plane. Once he dropped his bag onto the floor next to him and got himself situated, he looked up and grumbled, “I’m not even late. I’m right on time, as I always am.”

Daichi made some peppy noise that Kai wasn’t quite exactly sure what it was or meant, and plopped down in the seat next to him. He crossed his legs and began twirling a finger in his hair, smacking on a piece of what Kai could smell to be fruity bubble gum.

It was weird, to say the least, to be around somebody so…happy. Most people at the compound were like carbon copies of each other, walking around as if they were the most highly trained soldiers, yet appearing as drones; completely lifeless.

“Sure, you’re right on time, but everybody else was eaaaarly.” Daichi said, voice just as cheerful as ever, “Boss-man was here looking for you, probably assumed you’d be an early bird, too.”

Kai had to fight to resist the urge to roll his eyes. Of course Tora had been here. He probably wanted to see if he could schedule in another quickie before take-off. “Tora knows how I operate, he should’ve known I wouldn’t have been here even a second before this plane was scheduled to take off. I-” he cut himself off, looking around the small plane and seeing the rest of the seats were empty. The plane’s engines had already been started up as he was walking up the steps, so he could only assume Hiro was already in the pilot’s seat, all ready to go. But besides him and Daichi, the rest of the plane appeared completely vacant, which had his face scrunching up into a scowl. “I thought you said everyone was already here? Where’s Shiroyama?”

The other agent sighed and slouched painfully low in his seat, crossing his arms over his chest and pouting. He opened his mouth to speak, only to get distracted by one of the longer pieces of his bob cut which had fallen into his line of vision over his forehead. He pursed his lips upwards, trying to blow the piece of hair away, completely forgetting about Kai’s question.

Kai couldn’t understand how the quirky man next to him could actually be an agent when he had the attention span of a goddamn goldfish.

“Agent Daichi.” he barked, the irritation in his voice slowly building.

That tore Daichi from the tournament he had going on with his stray piece of hair, offering Kai a bright smile and a perky head tilt. “Yes, Agent Uke?”

Again, Kai had to hold back from rolling his eyes. He seriously felt like he was talking to a little kid. He’d only worked with Hiro and Daichi a handful of times, but based on past experiences and the current present, it was obvious Hiro was the brains of their team and Daichi was there to look pretty and lure their targets in. “Shiroyama, where is he?”

Daichi’s response was to pout and begin picking at the chipped hooker red polish on his nails. “Aoi is in the cockpit with Hiro.” His pout only deepened as he tore his attention away from his nails and looked up at Kai, “He kind of…kicked me out of the co-pilot seat after I made sort of a…smart ass remark about him having to get escorted to the plane by guards like he was some caged animal.” A roll of the eyes which contained a heavy veil of dark green contacts today, “I don’t know why he took so much offense to the remark, we all are basically caged animals anyways. I haven’t been off the compound since I got back from my extended almost two months ago. What about you?”

Kai felt anger flare up in him, but he quickly forced it to die down. He forgot that not everybody on the compound had heard about his and Reita’s failed mission with their team. In all actuality, it was very much a secret between Kai, Ruki, Tora, and the rest of the agents that were there that day. It was a stain; a permanent marl on all their records, and all it took was Kai visiting Reita’s room to remember just how horribly wrong they were for taking on that particular mission in the first place.

“It’s been…a while.” Kai replied in a clipped voice. He grabbed his bag from off the floor and started digging through it, pulling one of the handhelds he had grabbed from the artillery room and making sure the safety was on before shoving it into the waistband of his pants. “But shouldn’t you be up in the cockpit anyways? Tora put you and Hiro in charge of transportation, not asshole.”

A childish giggle that Kai hadn’t been expecting at all emerged from Daichi’s darkly painted lips, the young agent even going as far as to cup his dainty hands over his mouth to muffle his current fit. When he finally calmed down, he reached out and nudged Kai’s leg with the tip of his boot. “Asshole? You mean that hot slice of ass up there? I get he’s not the friendliest guy around, but he’s very easy on the eyes. So yeah, if he says jump, I’m going to ask how damn high. It’ll up my chances of getting a piece of him.”

A wink, followed by another giggle was directed at him, resulting in Kai raising a brow in disbelief. He eyed Daichi, reminding himself that he had been on missions with young man in the past, and that yes he was actually a reliable agent. “…So you let him boss you around and subdue your importance of this entire mission…just so you might be able to hopefully get in his pants?”

“Yep! That sounds about right.”

Kai could only grumble, “And just how in the world did you get partnered with Hiro again?”

Because out of all the men he’s met, Hiro’s the one who seemed to be the one who took the job most seriously. When teamed with him, Hiro focused on the mission and the mission only, conversations with the agent ranging only between the setup of safe houses and the best plan of action in storming a building. Daichi seemed like someone stern agent would get irritated with quickly.

“Umm, because I practically beeeegged Tora to let me go out on a few missions with him, and what do ya know, two years later and we’re like the best partners on the entire compound. Besides, Hiro is the future love of my life, he just doesn’t know it yet. So I need to be with him as much as possible. Have to win his heart somehow.”

“W…Wait.” Kai was a little bit more than dumbfounded at this point. “You’re telling me that…you want to get in Shiroyama’s pants, but you also want to…win Hiro’s heart?”

Daichi squirmed in his seat excitedly, appearing thrilled that Kai understood exactly what he wanted. “Yes, siree. That’s the plan. Conquer Aoi’s dick, but obtain full twenty four hour access to my beloved Hiro’s heart. It sounds just like a fairy tale, doesn’t it?”

Daichi sighed and a dreamy look hazed over his eyes as he batted his lashes and looked off into the distance. Kai was distracted momentarily as he felt the plane finally begin to move, taking off the very second Tora had scheduled them to.

“Yeah, sure…fairy tale.” He slouched back in his seat some and pulled out the tablet Tora had assigned him from his bag. “I’m going to look over a few things for the mission during the flight, so, if you’ll excuse me…”

Daichi nodded his head and gave a double thumbs up before spinning in his chair and settling on the other side of the plane. Kai observed the other agent for a few sparse moments once he was finally alone, watching as he grabbed what appeared to be on IPod and a bag of chips from his own personal bag. Once the buds were shoved in his ears, muffled music could be heard from where Kai was at, and, unsurprisingly, the young agent delved into his bag of what Kai now realized was kettle corn and began throwing pieces in the air and catching them in his mouth, making a squeak of triumph every time a piece actually landed in his mouth and not on the floor.

Kai watched him for what seemed like hours, but was in all actuality minutes. Because by the time he forced himself to look down at his tablet and begin reviewing the details of their mission again, he realized they’d only been in the air for fifteen minutes.

He had to bite back another sigh. Already fifteen minutes from the only place he could now consider home.

By the time he finished reviewing the mission, only another half an hour had passed. Tora was right, this mission was relatively moderate compared to ones he’d been sent on in the past, so there really wasn’t much in the form of details to review.

He diddled around on the device in his lap for a while longer before he realized there was simply no way it was going to hold his attention for the rest of the flight, so he put it away and resorted to staring blankly out the window.

Staring into nothing but the night sky from miles upon miles in the air was nothing but refreshing and put him almost in a trance like state. However, his tranquil atmosphere didn’t last long. For just moments later, he heard the door to the cockpit slam open, followed by the pounding of heavy boots. In a blink of an eye, Aoi stood next to Daichi, ripping his ear buds right out and shoving the young agent on the shoulder.

“Owww, what the-”

“Move it, twink. Your presence is now required in the pit.”

The slight frustration that had been scrawled across Daichi’s features disappeared in a flash, obvious excitement now dancing in those enhanced dark greens. “Hiro kicked you out and personally asked for me?”

Aoi scoffed. “You wish, twink. I couldn’t fuckin’ stand that man. He’s like, boring and stiff. I seriously thought those dumbass guards might’ve stuck me in the fucking geriatrics ward instead of on a goddamn plane. You go up there and entertain him, I’ll be sure to keep string bean company.” He ended his statement with a haughty smirk thrown in Kai’s direction, making Kai roll his eyes.

Just over an hour into the flight and he’d have to be stuck with this asshole for the remaining three. Great.

Daichi was off his feet quick, ignoring all the insults Aoi had thrown at him in the last few minutes and rushing off to lock himself in the cockpit with Hiro. Once he was gone, Kai and Aoi remained in a silent stare down until Aoi decided to slide down into Daichi’s previous seat, a smirk appearing on metal laced lips. “Sooo, string bean…we gonna bust some dude outta prison together, huh?”

“It would appear so.” Kai kept his answer short and to the point, his voice clipped.

“Ahh, good. It’ll be fun to watch someone else kick your ass that isn’t me for once. I mean come on, have you seen some of those Mongolians? They’re tough dudes and definitely don’t fuck around. They’ll be moping the floor with your ass in no time.”

Kai turned and continued to watch out the window, hoping it would bring some tranquility back to him and allow him the resistance to not take the gun he’d placed in his waistband and shoot Aoi point blank in the forehead. “Hmm, good thing I have such an amazing partner to watch my back, then. You wouldn’t exactly be proving you’re the best of the best if you allowed your partner to get injured on a measly trial mission, now would you?”

From the corner of his eye, Kai spotted the look of hatred Aoi sent his way. He had to admit, it felt nice to be the one to silence Aoi for once.

Except of course it didn’t last long.

“You really think that reverse psychology shit is going to work on me, string bean? I don’t give a fuck what happens to you, and I honestly don’t give a rat’s ass what the rest of those so called agents think of me back at the compound. I know how good I am. Over ten years on the job and barely a goddamn scratch on me and a mission success rate that would blow your fucking mind-”

“90 percent.” Kai interrupted calmly, continuing to stare out the window.


He didn’t bother to turn and look at Aoi, the confusion in his voice was evident enough that he’d completely stumped him. “During our training, I didn’t just let you beat the hell out of me each day and return to my room and crash for the night. I stayed up, studied what I could of your file, which sadly wasn’t all too much. However,” he took a dramatic pause, finally facing towards Aoi, a mile wide smirk stretched from cheek to cheek, “I did find out your mission success rate was 90 percent. I have to admit, that is pretty impressive. But what caught my attention is….your last mission, it was your only failure since your first year on the job.”

Aoi’s hands began to clench around the arms of his seat, his face twitching and complete and utmost anger spiraling out across his features. Kai knew Aoi was trying to contain himself, prevent from lashing out. He’d hit a cord with Aoi and he knew he could be flipping that switch that sent him from simply disobedient and annoying to full on animal attack mode, that he could be risking his own life. But at this point, Kai simply couldn’t bring himself to care.

He leaned forward in his seat, resting his chin in the palm of his hand and appearing just as smug as Aoi did on a regular basis. “…But your last mission, it was over two years ago, Shiroyama. After it, you just kind of…disappeared off the face of the earth. Where’ve you been these past two years, hmm? Did you really fuck up so badly that-”

Before Kai could even finish his sentence, Aoi lurched forward with a growl. His hands wrapped in Kai’s jacket, and in seconds, he tackled him to the ground, pinning his arms above his head. It was easy to tell by the weak grip Aoi had on his arms that Kai’s words had affected him in the worst of ways, the inhuman strength Aoi had showcased during training nonexistent.

Easily, Kai could knock Aoi off of him and bring him into an unconscious state with a few swift punches. He could just as easily pull his gun out and shoot Aoi right then and there, get him while he’s vulnerable. But instead, he continued to let Aoi think he had control of the entire situation, wanting to see just how he would continue to react.

Aoi lowered his face so it was hovering right above Kai’s own, foreheads close, lips closer. He could feel nothing but heat radiating from the other agent’s body, and the sinister scowl seemed as if it would remain permanently etched into his expression.

“Talk about me like you know me again, string bean,” he spoke up, voice husky and low, barely above a whisper, “I dare you to. Because if you do, I won’t even hesitate to fucking kill you, got that?”

In that moment, Kai knew those were the first honest words Aoi had ever spoken to him. He wasn’t hiding behind his mask of sarcasm and made up superiority. He wasn’t trying to prove himself better, wasn’t trying to stand out. He was telling the truth, bold and honest. If he but into his life any more than he already has, he’d kill him.

Something Kai accepted as a challenge.

(Next Chapter)


Author's Note: I know I keep promising things are going to pick up real soon, but apparently I'm a liar :P I'm still trying to get characters all settled into their roles and stuff, so just stick with me! <3 Again, this chapter got waaay longer than it should be, so I cut it off kind of awkwardly. And I know the tone of this chapter came across as kind of...roboticy...but at least it all makes sense? Okay, hope you guys enjoyed <3

Oh, and I've finally forced myself to start working on Unseen Solitaire a bit, so I wouldn't say expect it soon, but just know I haven't completely forgotten about it :P
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