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Title: Unraveling Deceptions
Chapter: 05/??
Author: [ profile] bite_to_all136
Genre: AU, Action Adventure, Angst, Romance
Warnings: inappropriate language, slight mentions of blood and guns, hinted sexual situations
Rating: NC-17 (overall)
Pairings/Characters: Aoi & ?, Kai & ?, Reita & Kai, Tora & Kai (Pairings to be revealed as fic goes on)
Summary: There was only one rule to follow and he had just broken it.
Disclaimer: I do not own the characters, only the mediocre story line.

Previous Chapter(s): (Prologue)(Chapter One)(Chapter Two)(Chapter Three)(Chapter Four)

Chapter Five

An upper cut punch to the jaw sent him flying backwards, the taste of iron filling his mouth before he could even fully fall to the floor. He hadn’t any time to brace himself, his entire body slamming down on the cushioned mats with a bone crunching impact. The time to take in one full breath wasn’t even given to him before he heard rapidly approaching steps, having just enough time to roll over onto his side, raising his arms above his head for protection before the next blow was delivered to his lower back, stealing his breath away.

“Come on, string bean.” Aoi growled, panting as he kicked Kai in the ribcage with the tip of his steal toed boots. “All that talk about being some killing machine and you can’t even get one hit out on me? Pathetic.”

Another kick was delivered, Kai feeling something crack and shrugging it off as best as he could. This wasn’t the first time he has broken a rib and he knew for sure it certainly wouldn’t be the last.

Taking as deep of a breath as possible, he kicked his legs out in front of him, wrapping them around the bends of Aoi’s legs and twisting, a victorious smirk crossing his lips when he heard his new partner grunt in surprise before his body weight became unbalanced and he plummeted to the floor.

Kai took the opportunity to push himself up of the floor with hurry, ignoring the pain radiating all throughout his torso and positioning his body into a fighting stance right away. His breaths were coming hard and jagged and he was covered head to toe in sweat, but this was the most awake, the most alive he’s felt since the incident.

Over powering Aoi, showing him he wasn’t as weak and defenseless as he constantly berated him to be. It made every cell in Kai’s body move at full speed, pumping him with a shot of adrenaline he had only ever felt while out on a mission.

Week after week of training with his new partner simply felt like a game of tag. One moment Aoi would be the victorious one, pinning Kai down and showing him his full strength in the form of precise punches, only for Kai to have him up against a wall the next instant, indeed proving to Aoi why his kill record was so high.

Because whereas Aoi just moved in for the kill, taking no time to calculate his moves and decide what would work best, Kai knew that it wasn’t the amount of strength you used in physical battle that mattered, but instead just where the attack landed. None of his attacks were ever random, always predetermined, and that’s why he was such an accomplished agent. Be that as it may, just as Tora and Ruki have told him before, Aoi was good, and sometimes it was simply impossible to avoid one of his hits no matter how much strategic thought Kai put into it.

Moving to stand above the other agent who still hadn’t found the energy to push himself off the ground, that knowing smirk remained on Kai’s lips as he began circling Aoi. “Who’s the pathetic one now, hmm?” he spit the wad of blood gathering in the swell of his cheek onto the floor, just barely missing Aoi’s face, “Letting such a string bean knock you down like that? You must be so-“

His breath was knocked out him once more, Aoi having lifted his leg with a growl and kicking Kai straight in the chest, sending him slamming into the double-sided looking glass.

Tora, Ruki, and other agents, guards, and techies Kai really didn’t care about stood on the other side, watching their brawl in the padded room; Tora there to observe, to see if their combat skills were on par with one another’s. Ruki there to worry, to rush in as soon as this training session was over and help Kai back to their room, the guards there to pull them apart just in case things got too out of hand, and the rest there for pure entertainment purposes alone.

Aoi approached Kai, his fists wrapping in the chest of his shirt and sliding him up the glass, one of Aoi’s strong hands wrapping around his neck and holding him in place, staring up at him with pure hatred. “You’ve really gotta learn to stop talking shit-”

Kai kicked his legs, trying to squirm out of the hold, feeling his face fade of all color the longer Aoi withheld from him his ability to breathe. He felt those fingers tighten around his neck, his adrenaline rush from earlier now gone, pure panic setting in.

“You’re never going to be better than me, I’m a real agent. But you? You’re just…pathetic.” Aoi’s fingers tightened with each word, Kai feeling his nails dig into his jugular, pinching.

Everything was dizzying. He could feel himself fighting to breathe, struggling with everything he had. But no matter how much he squirmed around, Aoi wasn’t relenting, raising him higher and higher on the glass and increasing the pressure. Blackness was beginning to surround him, frail images of guns firing, of Reita pleading with him to leave, of the skull splitting ache he felt sorrowing through him-

“Agent Shiroyama, that’s enough.”

Tora’s booming voice brought Kai back to reality for all of about two seconds, his heavy lidded eyes spotting the tall man, able to see his face scrunched up into disdain and anger, yet still appearing as calm as ever. However, Aoi didn’t listen, his hand now at crushing levels. Kai let out a painful groan, his wind pipe feeling shattered.

“Guards, take him down.”

The stomping of feet on the ground, Aoi laughing at the men running into the room with their guns pointed at him. It had become a routine over the past four weeks, though this was the furthest Aoi’s ever taken it. The furthest he has ever tested Tora’s patience and Kai’s ability to survive.

Aoi muttered off snarky remarks that Kai could only hear partially, his consciousness beginning to fade and everything coming into view in scattered pieces. Aoi laughing at the guards, the clicking of guns, orders being yelled left and right. And then, finally, the distinct sound of the butt of a pistol be rammed into a temple.

Kai slid down the wall as Aoi’s deadening grip was abruptly no more; colliding with the ground beneath him harshly, eyes wide and chest heaving fast as he gasped frantically for air.

His entire body was trembling and everything was still coming in bits of scattered pieces. He continued to try and control his breathing, the air feeling cold and sharp as he inhaled; the combination of his cracked ribs and trying to take in all he could in such a short period of time making every ache and pain all the more notable.

Blinking, he sluggishly opened his eyes, seeing Aoi with a bloodied temple and being carted off by guards. He blinked again, rolling over onto his side and groaning, hearing Tora calmly instruct somebody to go grab a medic.

He felt like a fish under water whose gills had just been removed. Squirming, trying his hardest to reach the surface, only to be held down by the current, the little bit of breath he’d been able to attain being swept away from him due to crashing waves. Realizing he was drowning, his over wrought anxiety kicked in, his heart now beating at dangerously rapid levels.

Trying to think of anything and everything to calm down, his breathing only dropped back down to what would be considered normal when he felt a warm, familiar touch to his heated shoulder. And when he looked up, he couldn’t help but allow his lips to quirk up at the corners a bit. Because before him was a strong man. His hair wild and blond, spiked in all different directions. A smile that could be described only as boyish spread across smooth, thin lips. It was a smile and touch he hadn’t seen in months, and more than anything, he wanted to reach up and graze his fingers across those lips, verifying that they were real.

That Reita was actually here.

A large gulp of breath, another blink of the eyes, and he was brought back to reality once more.

The man before him morphed, blond hair now black, lips fuller and not as smooth – a scar decorating the left corner. Regardless, the touch was still warm and comforting, calming Kai to the point of normality.

Tora squeezed his shoulder lightly, nodding his head. “You did well today, Agent Uke. A medic will be here soon to look you over. Just stay put, understand?”

Kai nodded, dark eyes staring at Tora. He was coherent enough now to understand everything his boss was saying. He remained his usual tranquil self in his speech, but the deeper Kai looked into his eyes, the more he could see he was bristling with anger, his entire body wrought with tension.

And this wasn’t the first time he appeared as so. The past month, any time Aoi went overboard in training, any time he touched or injured Kai in any way, shape, or form, Tora would attain this venomous aura to him. Kai could never work up the courage to question Tora why, fearing the answer to be one that would only complicate matters further.

Closing his eyes again, forcing himself to relax. He listened to all the movement around him, felt somebody kneel down beside him and begin poking and prodding at his body moments later. Fingers smoothed down his neck and sides, Kai biting his lip to hold back a hiss. Everything hurt more than he could describe, but it wasn’t the physical ache that was making him suffer. The medic’s touches were gentle, and with his eyes still closed, Kai’s thoughts immediately traveled back to his earlier visions.

No matter how hard he tried to push them back, all he could think about was Reita and how dearly he missed him. About how much he needed to see him.

“S…stop…” He began sitting up, one arm wrapped around his torso and the other pushing the medic away.

“Agent Uke, I need to-”

“I’ve been shot, I’ve been stabbed, I’ve been beaten to a pulp. This is nothing, I’m fine. Just – I need to go.”

Without another word Kai stood, keeping his arms folded around himself and ignoring Tora and Ruki’s protests of telling him that he needed to get checked out. Because Kai didn’t care about a few fractured ribs or a few rough bruises around his neck. All he cared about was hobbling through the hallway and making it to the med wing. All he cared about was making it to room 518. All he cared about was seeing Reita’s face.

He ignored the pain, he ignored the both concerned and disgusted looks he received along the way. Because right now there was only one goal at the forefront of his mind.

When he finally reached Reita’s room, Kai didn’t waste any time in sitting down on the stool at the side of Reita’s bed. He bit back groan as pain radiated from his temples to his toes, and he simply laced his fingers together with Reita’s, squeezing tight.

“…Please, Rei…please just wake up already. I need you here…”

Foreboding silence was all he was met with.

“Please, Rei…just give me a sign, any sign at all. I just need to know you’re here, I just...I need to know I’m not alone…that you’ll be here for me when I get back…”

Lifting his hand, he caressed Reita’s cheek, his knuckles flowing gently over scratchy stubble. “…today was the last day of training and Shiroyama didn’t kill me, you know what that means, don’t you?” Kai’s voice cracked, sheer desperation lacing every syllable as he continued to memorize every inch of his now former partner’s face.

“It means tomorrow night, Shiroyama and I are getting sent on our trial mission. It’s going to be my first mission without you in four years, Rei, and I’m not going to lie…I’m fucking scared shitless.” Sniffling, Kai used their connected hands to wipe away a lone tear beginning to trail down his cheek, “So please, Rei…just wake up. You’re the only one who’s ever been able to assure me, and now more than ever, I fucking need it…”

Blinking away tears he felt building once again, Kai stared blankly at the blond beside him. He simply looked at if he were sleeping. Kai felt all he needed to do was stand up and scream, pound on Reita’s chest and tell him to wake the fuck up, that his break was over. That it was time to get back to work, that it was time to get back to them.

But Kai knew that even if he were to try doing just that, it would all prove to be useless. He could pound and pound away at Reita’s chest, he could scream at the top of his lungs, but nothing would tear Reita from what seemed to be his forever peaceful sleep. After all these months of not hearing his voice, of not feeling his warmth, of just…nothingness, Kai’s finally starting to realize that, although still here, Reita was just as gone as the men and women they’ve put down together over the years.

But still, he waited. Ten minutes, half an hour, an hour and then an hour more. Only to again be met with deadening silence; absolutely no reaction.

It took almost everything in Kai to stand from the stool and let go of Reita’s hand, but what truly tore him apart was leaning over his former partner’s bed side and giving him one last final kiss, whispering, “Good bye…” before sluggishly limping back to his room and collapsing into his bed, using the last of his energy to dig through his side table drawer and pulling out the one purchase he’d asked Tora to bring back for him almost a month ago.

A bottle of whisky, tall and sleek and nearing empty. And when Kai unscrewed the top and drank the last drops, his mind filled with nothing but fond memories, allowing a smile to cross his beaten face.

And with his return to active filed duty looming not even twenty-four hours away, it was in this moment that Kai knew the smile he was currently sporting could be the last one he wears for the longest of days – maybe even the rest of eternity.

(Next Chapter)

Author's Note: Heeeeey you guys :p I don't even know what to say, inspiration hit me out of nowhere and I kind of typed this up in like an hour or two? I hope some of you guys still remember and enjoy this story and umm...that's really it! These chapters are short, so things are going to unwrap sorry if it's not all too exciting yet, I promise it'll get better....hopefully :P

Oh, and I'd like to dedicate this chapter to [ profile] sarky_chepooka because she sent me and message that somehow awoken my dead brain, so thank you deary! You're the best <33
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